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iTunes gets revamped with simpler design in new update


As promised last week, Apple has released a new iTunes update which could spell the end of songs getting deleted without the user’s permission. The company hasn’t specifically stated whether the upgrade resolves the issue, with the release notes just mentioning standard bug fixes and performance improvements.

The origin of the music-deleting bug isn’t clear yet. Some say it could be linked to Apple Music, while others say it may be connected to a database issue. Proponents of the former claim that iTunes is eliminating locally stored files with a streaming copy. However, others have pointed out that the program’s song matching system doesn’t delete files without user permission.

Apple later acknowledged the problem and asserted that it was working on identifying the cause. It went on to state that it was releasing an update to iTunes which is supposed to include additional safeguards. The upgrade is now here, but there’s no mention of any bug-squashing solution for the issue.

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The promotion to iTunes 12.4 brings with it a freshly redesigned interface which is supposed to make interacting with it less frustrating than before. There’s a new sidebar menu which allows consumers to conveniently drag and drop songs to a playlist and hide or enlarge section of the menu.

Apple has also modified its media selection tool so that it lets you switch from music, podcasts, movies and TV shows through a drop-down menu placed on top. It’s a change from the previous UI which had utilized category icons. It can additionally be customized to show a limited list of items.

Other than iTunes, Apple has also rolled out updates for Mac, iPhone, Apple TV and Apple Watch.