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8 Issuu Alternatives

Issuu Alternative

We have today a list of Issuu alternative websites for you to be able to find and create digital reading content easily. Few other innovations in the digital publishing industry are as exciting as this little website. Portfolios, books, newspapers, magazines; you name it, and it’s all accessible through it. This site plays home to a large amount of content that is uploaded in a way that it can be viewed in a customized fashion. Moreover, some of the documents are also made available to download by this website. Launched in 2007, it has served countless individuals find the exact content they wish to look for. But there are indeed a few issues that force people to look for a substitute, and it’s for them that we’ve prepped up this list of superb websites. Let’s have a peek at them.

1. Scribd:

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Tens of millions of people’s original writings and documents are available at your disposal on Scribd. This social site has created a superb platform for those wishing to showcase their work to others and in the process, helping out those who’re researching on particular topics. Through Scribd, you are able to submit your documents in a number of different formats, and have them displayed either in a private manner or make them public for everyone to see. The site now also features its own eBook store.

2. Joomag:

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Focused primarily on digital magazines, Joomag is one of the many sites like Issuu out there that look to provide unique benefits to lure people away from the portal in question. Joomag gains advantage over the said website by providing users with the ability to infuse interactive content like videos and sound files into their magazines. Moreover, its support for HTML5 allows it to be used through most mobile devices without even having to download any apps. It does however have a native iPad app for ease of use on the Apple tablet.

3. Calameo:

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Calameo is described by its creators as an online service allowing free conversion of documents into digital publications. And it’s a great utility for those who wish to do so. Just like Joomag, it also allows users to insert multimedia elements like video, sound clips and interactive animations in their publications. Its content is readable on iOS devices, and apart from its basic features which are free of cost, it even possesses Premium and Platinum offerings that add a number of useful traits in exchange of money.

4. Yumpu:

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Yumpu is an excellent tool for those hoping to create ePaper documents from their PDFs. This service similar to Issuu allows quick conversions, and even lets you store documents online for free. And then it also provides easy access to social media buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, so users are able to share their documents in a simple manner. With Yumpu, you also receive convenient features like the ability to favorite documents and subscribe to future uploads.

5. FlippingBook:

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FlippingBook is a stylishly designed tool that you can employ to create flip-books for online as well as offline usage. It grabs support for the HTML5 standard which ensures that its publications are readable on almost every device, and hence, native applications from Android and iOS devices are available. Moreover, this utility is even able to create .exe and .app files for PC and Mac, respectively, so that they’re easily available to be burnt onto CDs or DVDs, or copied onto flash drives. Those who like it have the option of going for its Publisher editions that offer premium features, in exchange of cash.

6. Hashdoc:

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Finding, tagging, saving, downloading and sharing documents are some of the various features that this site like Issuu lets you perform. It is described as the easiest way to discover and keep useful documents, and it really is one of the most advanced utilities around for performing this function. As its name suggests, hashtags form a main part of its searching process, and various filters can also be employed while searching, so you’re able to sift through the tens of thousands of documents available on it and find the ones that best suit your needs.

7. Zyyne:

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Zyyne is cloud-based platform for boosting your publications. Like many other such tools, this one too supports the HTML5 platform, and hence, allows its content to appear on almost all modern devices. Furthermore, it also possesses the ability to insert links, videos and sound files to your cornet. The Flipbooks that you create using Zyyne can easily be integrated into your web pages and emails, while the site can also generate QR-Codes to your documents. Its statistical analysis system gives you a deep look into how your Flipbooks are performing.

8. SlideShare:

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Slideshare is a Web 2.0-based slide hosting service that supports PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenOffice presentations. Its slides can be viewed on the site itself or on handheld devices, and they can even be embedded on other sites. Often referred to as the YouTube for slideshows, this website showers you with a wealth of content once you start searching for it, as it boasts of a huge community of users. Apart from usual slides, it supports documents, PDFs, videos and Webinars as well. And the ability to rate, comment on and share uploaded content is another one of its interesting features.


Those are all the Issuu alternative options that we have for you today. Make sure to have a look at them thoroughly before zeroing down on the one that fits your needs.