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Does Your ISP Provide These Features?

laptop-internet In this digital age, people can’t imagine their life without being connected to the internet. Whether to binge watch their favorite series, play their favorite game online, order weekly supply of veggies or for some impulse online shopping, people today rely heavily on the internet. However, when it comes to choosing an internet service provider, for many, the first option is the best option. And why not? That ISP is offering blah blah speed at a fixed rate. The choice is majorly based on familiarity and price.

But the fact is, choosing an ISP is like choosing the right mattress for your bed, it can make a big difference in your life as a user. So, let us ask you a question – do you ever buy a mattress without testing and researching about a few others? No, right?

Here are a few features that will help you analyze your existing ISP. Our goal is to walk you through everything that you need to know about an internet service provider and the services offered. Interestingly, there are many ISPs offering broadband services in Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and all other metropolitan cities. Thus, making the decision slightly tougher. Nonetheless, see if the below-mentioned parameters match with your current ISP, if not, let’s keep it straight – it’s time to look for a new internet service provider.

FTTH – Fiber to the Home

In the world of internet, the latest buzz is FTTH. In FTTH fiber deployment, the fiber extends from a central office and reaches till the boundary of your living space, thus dramatically increasing the connection speed. Most of the top internet service providers like ACT Fibernet offer fiber optic technology, backed by the most extensive fibre network with an aim to provide the customer with a fully-dedicated internet connection.

Have You Heard of Giga Speed?

With Hyderabad becoming the first Giga City in the nation, there’s no looking back for internet giants like ACT Fibernet. With the number of smartphone and tablet users increasing each passing day, you surely need to have an internet connection that offers incredible speed across all the gadgets in your house for simultaneous operation. Gone are those days when you had to plead your younger sibling to pause the download, so you can finish your annual assignment with ease. If that’s still the case, it’s time you reconsider your internet service provider.

Equal Upload and Download Speed

You might not have considered this aspect when choosing your current ISP. However, upload speed is as important and crucial as download speed for a better experience. With equal upload speed, you will instantly be able to share heavy files via various platforms with your friends, family and colleagues. Now that’s something we all want, right?

Value for Money

Choosing from the available options can be overwhelming. There are dozens of ISPs offering broadband services in Chennai and all other major cities of the country, with each presenting a different package. If all you get from your ISP are vanilla products, they are too far behind the competitive market. A good ISP is the one which offers something up and above from what you ordered. For example, if you buy a six months plan and you get additional data, it’s worth taking a ride with that ISP.

Excellent Customer Service

Is your internet connection still ticking you at the last moment and you have to go through a long process of getting it back on track? For new-age internet service providers, customer service is paramount. Thus, they have a dedicated customer service team that makes sure your issues are sorted well in time, and you don’t have to face any problems related to connectivity, speed and upload-download speed.

Final Words!

For an unparalleled internet experience, review your ISP on the parameters mentioned above and if you find any of these missing out, don’t hesitate to opt for a change in services.