iSH2 Headset gives a great H20 Experience

iSH2 Headset

If you enjoy swimming and if music is in your genes, then welcome the iSH2-Waterproof Headset. The headset allows one to listen to their favorite tunes from the second generation iPod Shuffle and lets you swim through with soulful music.

The device also enhances the swim further with its goggle clips and water canceling silicon ear-buds. The device was designed with the helping hand of world record holder and Olympic multi-medalist swimmer, Natalie Coughlin. The H2O friendly iSH2-Waterproof Headset soars its music up to 10 feet underwater. It also provides easy access to control the music tracks and volume directly through the iPod with its circular motion controls.

Natalie Coughlin, Olympic Athlete and H2O Audio Product Advisor said, “For years runners have benefited by adding music to their workouts and H2O Audio has now made it possible for swimmers to use that same energy and motivation to push their performance to the utmost.” Adding, “I have been using the iSH2 since its inception and am excited to see this offered in Apple Stores now so people everywhere can enhance their sport experience and performance.”

With an optional neckband and a stamp of approval from Natalie Coughlin, the iSH2-Waterproof Headset sets its price at $80 USD and by the end of May, Apple Stores are also expected to stock this unique product.