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Is Your SEO Still Working?

seo Even before the age of the pandemic, it was clear to many entrepreneurs that running a start-up business requires a lot of advertising to potential clients for it to become a success.

They will have learnt very quickly that when looking for a product or service, most people’s first port of call will be to head online to easily access a database of places and businesses that offer them the service that they need.

So how do businesses make sure that their websites are getting views and their products bought? They make sure they can be found by people online.

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How Do I Make Sure My Business is Found Online? 

The key to being found online is by making your presence known online. Nobody is going to find a business that is hiding out on page 10 (or even 3) of the search engine results.

Businesses need to work on their Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  to help ensure that their business is the first place that potential customers will explore. The aim of SEO is to help businesses stand out from the competition.

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If you have spent money on a fancy website but maxing out at 10 views per day, then the chances are that your website isn’t optimized to be found by people searching online. Running an SEO metrics report will help you to determine how well your website ranks and by which keywords people are using to find your business online.

Isn’t SEO a little outdated? 

seo analytics Some may be reading this and thinking that SEO is an outdated marketing tool and that there are newer, more advanced ways of reaching target audiences. However, with over 5.4 billion Google searches completed every day, it’s obvious that people still turn to search engines to help them to find the answers to their questions. It is, therefore, important that businesses continue to ensure that their website points people their way as the answer. A strong online presence is important in an age where billions of people are online each and every day.

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The lower the operating costs with selling online, the lower the price you can offer for your goods and services. The obvious reason for this is because you will have spent less on business overheads. One of these overheads may include advertising costs.

You will know that your SEO is working when the stream of new customers doesn’t come to your business based on a social media push alone.

Why SEO is still important

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The aim of effective SEO is to make sure that your website reaches as many people as possible. You don’t want to risk A potential customer not being aware of the goods or services you offer- hence the need for effective SEO for your website.

A few key words later, and searchers will have headed straight to the first few links that the search engine throws at them. This is why it’s important that your website ranks as highly as possible on the list.

Logic (and searcher behaviour) tells us that the closer to the top your page is, the more traffic will head to your page, and the more likely you are to make a sale over the competition.

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Make Sure to Keep It Local If You’re Starting Small 

When you run a smaller business, having a decent understanding of hyperlocal SEO is essential. Small businesses are often designed to cater to locals and should, therefore, be able to be accessed to them.

Savvy search engine users will know how to correctly search for a local service. It’s also worth noting that search engines can also extract information from your website to supply information for users. Therefore it’s important to ensure that the search engine knows the place in which the business is operated.

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Is Your SEO Strategy Still Working? 

If it has been several months since you updated the content on your website, then it may be time to revisit it in order to make sure your business is still considered relevant regarding search engine results.

While it can be a tough idea to get your head around, there are specialists in the field who can ensure you get what you need from SEO on both a local and national level.  This is possibly one of the areas in which to outsource as your small business continues to grow.

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Visit other local business websites that offer the same services as you and see what they do to rank highly on search results.

Your SEO strategy should evolve as much as search engines become more intelligent.

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