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Is Unreal Engine 4 Right For You: 10 Advantages of Using It

unreal engine 4 render The challenge of selecting the finest gaming engine might be overwhelming for newcomers to the business. We’ll try to address many of the concerns about Unreal Engine 4, one of the most popular gaming engines, so you can decide if it’s the correct engine for your project.

When you think of Unreal Engine, the word “photorealism” is probably the first thing that springs to mind. If you’ve ever wondered if a cutscene was generated from scratch or if it was based on a real-life photograph, you’re likely playing a game made utilizing Epic Games’ technology.

Unreal Engine’s popularity is built on third- and first-person shooters, despite the fact that it has proven its worth in a variety of genres and styles of games over the years. Consider the types of games Epic creates: Unreal Engine shines in games like Unreal Tournament, Gears of War, and Fortnite.

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unreal engine 4.3 renders

This game engine was launched in 1998, and now it is in its fourth iteration, Unreal Engine 4.

What Are the Advantages of Unreal Engine?

Handling Wide Range of Projects

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One of the main reasons for UE4’s appeal is its flexibility: whatever the project, it can handle it.

Excels at Shooters

While Unreal Engine 4 is suitable for various projects, if you’re working on a shooter, it should be love at first sight because the toolset and codebase are tailored to that type of game.

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Access to the Source Code

One of the reasons Unreal Engine 4 is so flexible is that it has access to the whole C++ source code for the engine. The code is available for download on GitHub, and you don’t have to pay for it. Unity, on the other hand, only provides Pro and Enterprise customers access to its source code, which comes at a cost.

It is Free

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Developing and distributing an Unreal game is completely free, with Epic receiving a 5% royalty only when the game generates $3,000 in sales per quarter.

Allows Quick Prototyping and Iteration

Unreal Engine 4 is not only flexible and free, but it also allows for rapid iteration, which is crucial when starting a new project. That is why many developers are choosing this game engine.

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Great for Large-Scale Games

Unreal expands well to larger teams and games with a lot of material, as seen by its status as a pillar of AAA production. It may be the market-leading engine in this regard, according to Kaizen technical director Philip Crabtree.

Lowers the Bar to Multi-platform Development

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Not only can UE4 handle larger games, but its graphics capabilities allow it to scale them across platforms.

The rendering pipeline is cutting-edge and current, enabling a wide range of platforms from smartphones to high-end desktops. It does not eliminate all of the problems associated with multi-platform development, but it greatly lowers the bar.

Comes with a Large Toolkit and a Robust Editor

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It has solutions for almost every major task you’ll encounter, including scene layout, cinematics, visual scripting, particle system, animation network, materials creation, lightmapping, asset management, level of details, physics, and the fundamentals of AI.

Unreal Engine 4 optimization tools, which act as superb memory tracking tools to enhance productivity and speed, are also highly significant.

Has Good Official and Community-based Support

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Being a widely used engine requires excellent support, which appears to be the case with UE4.

It’s worth noting that the level of assistance you receive may vary depending on how you use the engine.

A paid UE4 user with a bespoke license will have direct access to Epic’s development staff, whilst a free user will have to rely on a variety of tutorials and internet resources to discover answers.

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