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Is UFC 4 Cross Platform / Crossplay In 2023? [Explained]

Is UFC 4 Cross Platform Is UFC 4 cross platform compatibility on your mind? It’s not just you; many folks have been asking about this lately. So we’re here to finally put that topic to rest.

Fans of mixed martial arts have a deep connection with the UFC video game series as it allows them to experience the thrills of the sport from the comfort of their well-worn couches.

What’s even better is being able to fight with your friends and sure enough, the game’s developers have provided plenty of distinct options to enjoy multiplayer gameplay.

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But EA Sports UFC 4 is available only for the PS4 and the Xbox One right now. So the question is whether you will be able to fight against your friend if they don’t own it on the same console as you do. Let’s find the answer to that.

How good is UFC 4?

The UFC franchise has only improved with each sequel, eclipsing the very moderate reception that had befallen the first game in 2014. UFC 4, which came out in 2020, felt like the most refined mixed martial arts experience available out there.

The game’s visuals are still not on par with the best in the business. However, the overall experience is remarkable. It’s headlined by the new submission system and career mode additions that have been introduced by the developers.

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While the submission system introduces a whole new dimension to the game, the career mode allows you to create your own custom fighter as you advance in your career by choosing to accept or decline fights.

Compared to its predecessors, this game also featured an improved and streamlined control scheme. And as far as multiplayer gameplay is concerned, Blitz Battles and Online World Championships have been added by the developers.

Different fighting arenas have made their way into the mixed martial arts game, with the Octagon no longer being the only place for you to spar with your opponents. The Backyard is a new fighting arena that was added post-release, while another is an underground fighting arena called Kumite.

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Fans were disappointed to find out that Ultimate Team did not return to the UFC franchise with this entry. It allowed gamers to create a team and train it to lead the participants into a variety of single-player and online multiplayer fight modes.

Is UFC 4 cross platform in 2023?

The answer to this question is “no.” EA Sports UFC 4 is not a cross platform game. So those playing it on their PS4 cannot play against someone who owns an Xbox One copy of the game.

It’s unfortunate that this is the case. While so many recent games have seen massive success after taking the cross-play route, the developers of this series still haven’t changed their stance.

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What is cross platform play?

In the gaming industry, any title featuring the online multiplayer facility along with cross platform compatibility allows players using different video game hardware to play with each other simultaneously. This eliminates the compulsion of all your friends to own the same console.

Cross platform game options are available aplenty these days with the likes of Fortnite, Apex Legends, and similar titles ruling the roost. The fact that they feature crossplay has allowed them to earn massive success over time.

But there are a number of reasons why developers are discouraged from creating crossplay games. Over the years, the bitter rivalry between Sony and Microsoft has put various restrictions on adding such features.

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And while that has changed, there are still other impediments. One of them is an imbalance in input devices, especially when PC games are involved. It is widely accepted that PC gamers have a certain advantage due to their mouse and keyboard usage.

Is UFC 4 crossplay between:

PC and PS4?

EA Sports UFC 4 is available to play only on the PS4 and the Xbox One. Moreover, EA Vancouver has announced no plans of releasing a PC version. So there’s no question of cross platform gaming between these two platforms coming out in the future.

PC and Android?

UFC 4 cross platform play is again impossible on these platforms as the game is not available on either of them. Only the first ever UFC game was released for Android and iOS. All other versions have been exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One.

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Xbox One and PS4/PS5?

No, there’s no UFC 4 cross platform support between the Xbox One and any PlayStation console.

UFC 4 Octagon

Xbox One and PC?

Both Xbox One and PC are Microsoft’s gaming platforms; so it would have been easy for EA Vancouver to make UFC 4 cross platform between these game platforms. But due to the fact that they didn’t release the title on PC, this is not a reality.

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PS4/PS5 and PC?

As we said, this fighting sports video game is not available on PC in the first place. So there’s no question of cross platform functionality being a possibility for PC users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Other Popular Sports Games?

Sports video games are a dime a dozen. But only a few manage to actually get you totally engrossed in the experience with their gameplay. Worldwide, the FIFA series receives universal love each year, with FIFA 23 being the most popular sports game out there right now.

Sports majorly played in North America have also spawned plenty of big game franchises. Madden NFL 23 is one of them; it allows football fans to enjoy their favorite sport to the fullest. There’s also NBA 2K23, which is a great way for gamers to indulge in frantic basketball matches.

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PGA Tour 2K23 is a neat experience for golf aficionados, while skateboarding fans always swear by games from the Tony Hawk’s series. Owners of the Nintendo Switch can opt for Nintendo Switch Sports, an awesome game that lets them enjoy multiple sports in a more interactive way.

Is The Game Cross Generation Compatible?

No, UFC 4 is not a cross generation supported game. So while the PS4 copy will work on the PS5, you won’t be able to spar with someone who is not on the exact same platform as you. The same goes for the Xbox family.

Does It Offer Cross Progression Support?

No, there is no cross progression support in UFC 4. This means, if you move from the PS4 to the PS5, you won’t be able to carry forward your progress from the former to the latter and vice versa.

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Does It Offer Cross Save Support?

UFC 4 Gameplay

Cross progression and cross save are more or less the same thing. There is no cross saving support in UFC 4.

Will UFC 4 Offer Cross Platform Support In The Future?

UFC 4 is more than two years old now and to date, its makers have not spoken about any plans of such support ever making its way into the game. So there are little to no chance of it happening in the future.

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Is UFC 4 Game Available On PC?

As we said, UFC 4 has only been released for the PS4 and the Xbox One, which means there’s no way to play it on PC.

Can You Play UFC 4 On PC With Xbox Game Pass?

The game is available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog; but it cannot be played on PC.

Wrapping up

The unavailability of UFC 4 cross platform play is quite unfortunate. Fans of the game would have loved to indulge in intense bouts with their friends, irrespective of the platform they own. But given EA Vancouver’s insistence on not introducing the feature, that is just a dream.

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As for future games from the franchise, there has been no announcement of a UFC 5 yet. Games from the series had been coming after two-year intervals until now. But 2022 has broken that cycle. We wonder whether we will get an announcement in 2023.