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Is There Something Wrong With Our Technological Society and Do We Need To Fix It

tech-devices Society as a whole is advancing very quickly, in terms of technology. We are entering new and unchartered territories now and again. The old guides on how to do things are becoming more redundant. Even laws are constantly being amended due to the introduction of new technology.

There are huge numbers of people that view technology as a bad thing. For these people even gambling online like Casinous site is an abomination to them. However, the majority of the world rightly believes that technological advancement is a good thing. Therefore technology is going to continue getting better as we truly begin the space age.

The Problem

Having clearly ascertained that there is no problem with growth in the technology, then the problem should now be clearly identified as society itself. While the latest gadgets get updated annually, the way of thinking takes much longer to change.

Holding on to traditions and cultural norms are our biggest weakness. This is the reason why society has failed to progress culturally at the same speed as technology. We manage to split the atom only to use its power to kill other humans and destroy the earth, sites like topauscasinos online casino are one of the most visited sites by our society .

Social Maturity

The term social maturity is a very complex phrase. But to just use the meaning given by the name it simply refers to society growing up. Many tribes of the world have a saying that talks about the difference between growing up and growing old.

Growing old is a result of the passage of time. It is a natural process that continues to happen passively until the subject expires. While growing up is an active process where someone “lets-go of their old childish ways” in favour of a mindset that is conscious of its decisions.

Blaming Instinct

The natural response is to blame instinct, which only demonstrates that society still has not matured. Where instinct tells us that we move faster when we run than when we seat, intelligence has taught us that a car doing 15 miles per hour is a way better option.

Maybe with the wave of consciousness that has hit the world social maturity will speed up. Tolerance between the people of the world and respecting each other’s dignity will reign supreme.