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Is The Division 2 Cross Platform / Crossplay In 2023? [Yes, But…]

Is The Division 2 Cross Platform Ever since its 2019 release, fans of The Division 2 have wondered about its cross-platform capability as they can’t get enough of this post-pandemic apocalyptic world.

Nowadays, the gaming community considers crossplay support when deciding whether to purchase a game or not, especially in the case of multiplayer games.

What is The Division 2 about?

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is an action role-playing game (ARPG) where you assume the role of a Strategic Homeland Division agent trying to protect and rebuild Washington D.C. seven months after it’s been ravaged by a pandemic caused by a genetically-engineered virus known as Green Poison.

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In this third-person shooter game, you have to complete missions to collect rewards, find loot to obtain new weapons, gear, and cosmetic items, battle rogue players, and more. You have to do all this while simultaneously upgrading settlements and defending citizens from the enemy factions, the True Sons, Hyenas, Outcasts, and Black Tusks.

Please see the FAQ section below for more information about the game.

What is cross-platform/crossplay?

Division 2 Online Game Cross-platform play is a feature that allows players on different platforms, such as PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X and S, and even mobile phones (Android/iOS), to play with each other. In theory, the advantages of offering cross-platform capability seems to be a no-brainer for online multiplayer games.

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Considering that The Division 2 has multiplayer game elements, one would assume that it would benefit from crossplay support.

Is The Division 2 cross-platform In 2023?

The Division 2 is slated to remain cross-platform compatible between Google Stadia and PC until January 2023. Players on other platforms (except different console generations) do not have access to the feature. Now, let’s take a closer look at this game’s crossplay functionality and see if Ubisoft plans to enable this option in the future.

Is The Division 2 crossplay between:

Xbox One and Stadia?

While The Division 2 does support crossplay between Xbox One and Google Stadia players, the latter platform winds down on January 18; so this question is irrelevant. As mentioned earlier, while cross-platform compatibility might generally be considered a good feature for newly published games, it have with some potential issues that tend to make developers cautious about implementing it.

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Hardware incompatibility, resource limitations, and quality issues are some of the main problems that publishers often mention when asked about crossplay functionality. As of now, Massive Entertainment, the developers of The Division 2, seems to be focused on providing new content to keep their existing player-base engaged.

PC and PS4?

Third Person Shooters Unfortunately, PC and PS4 are not cross-platform compatible with regards to The Division 2. We understand that this can be very frustrating. Perhaps, you and your friends have unlocked specialist roles and have just the right Gear Scores for that perfect co-op team. If only all of you were either on PC or PS4.

Stadia and PC?

Yes; The Division 2 players using Stadia and PC will be happy to know that cross-platform functionality exists between these two platforms. But wait! Don’t jump to get your hands on a Stadia version of the game. We have some news to share with you.

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Google Stadia will effectively be shut down on January 18th, 2023. Obviously, this means that the Stadia and PC cross-platform compatibility will no longer be relevant after this period.

Xbox One and PS4/PS5?

No, Xbox One and PS4/PS5 players do not have crossplay support. The absence of this feature means that Xbox One and PS4/PS5 players will get their own separate matchmaking pools and servers, and will not be able to interact in the game.

PS4 and PS5?

Yes, The Division is cross-platform between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles since it’s basically the same game that’s backwards compatible.

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Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

Once again, thanks to the same game version being available for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, gamers on both devices can play the game with each other.

Xbox One and PC?

The answer is ‘no.’ The Division 2 is currently not cross-platform compatible for Xbox One and PC players. Furthermore, Ubisoft, has not made any announcement with regard to this matter. Although cross-platform gaming invites some well-known problems as mentioned above, this feature does have advantages as well.

Potential for significantly increasing user base, reduced matchmaking times, and healthy competition in the player community are just some of the benefits of cross-platform games.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are ARPG games?

Action-role playing (ARPG) games, as the name suggests, are video games that combine the elements of action games with role-playing games. Some of the most popular action games that you might have played fall under the ARPG category, including Genshin Impact, Elden Ring, Borderlands, Fallout 4 and Warhammer: Chaosbane.

What can I do in The Division 2?

Online ARPG Games The Division 2 has campaign, co-op, and PVP modes, and the game developers have made sure that there are lots of activities and rewards to keep you entertained even after reaching the endgame — which means after you’ve reached level 30 and completed the campaign mode.

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For hardcore gamers, it is packed with loads of bosses, campaigns, maps, missions (and secret side missions), weapon and gear crafting, weapon mods, skills (basically weapon-based skills), perks, and specializations that they will enjoy playing.

Does it offer cross progression/cross-save support?

Yes, The Division 2 has cross-progression/cross-save support, but between PC and Stadia only. As mentioned earlier, the game developers have provided cross-platform capability only between PC and Google Stadia. Naturally, cross-progression would be limited to these platforms.

But do note that Google is scheduled to shut down Stadia in January 2023.

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Does The Division 2 have multiplayer mode?

Yes, The Division 2 has multiplayer mode. In fact, the game has many features, such as clan system, specialist roles, co-op and PVP modes, campaigns, challenges, and raid events that make multiplayer mode interesting and fun. For those wondering about the opposite, yes, solo gameplay is possible too.

Will Ubisoft make The Division 2 cross-platform in the future?

Sadly, it doesn’t look like The Division 2 crossplay is coming anytime in the near future.

In closing

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 cross-platform support between PC and Stadia is practically history. Players using other platforms will have to wait patiently for this feature.

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We will update you as soon as we come across any news from Ubisoft regarding this.