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Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Cross-Platform? [Explained]

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Cross-Platform If you are wondering whether Red Dead Redemption 2 cross platform compatibility is now available or will be launched in the near future, you aren’t the only one. Fans of action and shooting games, especially from the Wild West genre, already know of Red Dead Redemption.

Most gamers who are fond of playing in multiplayer mode are usually all for cross-play. By enabling people on different consoles to play together, developers offer them the flexibility to enjoy different games with their friends (instead of strangers) who happen to be on other platforms.

You might be wondering when Red Dead Redemption 2 cross platform compatibility will be available in 2022, if you’re hoping to be able to play the game with friends. Despite the popularity of the multiplayer mode, the developer didn’t launch it with cross play support.

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As of now, it also doesn’t look like Rockstar Games will be adding cross platform play any time soon. So if you were waiting for them to announce the launch of this feature in 2022, this is indeed going to be a major disappointment. But what exactly is stopping Red Dead Redemption 2 crossplay from becoming a reality? Here goes:

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Cross-Platform In 2022?

rdr2 screenshot 3 Despite players’ hopes that RDR2 cross platform compatible support will eventually be a thing, there are several roadblocks on the way.

A number of common issues in today’s gaming world are preventing the addition of this highly awaited feature:

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  • Many believe that cheating and hacking are more common among PC players, as computers make it possible for gamers to use bots and implement various other cheats. Allowing cross-platform support might force players using PlayStation, Xbox, and other platforms to face rampant botting.
  • Enabling cross play requires adjusting various elements on different versions of the game. Many aspects need adjustment such as player customization and the progression system, just for starters.
  • Player toxicity is especially common in cross-platform environments. Microsoft Gaming boss Phil Spencer recently suggested that a global ban list could be implemented to tackle the problem across multiple platforms.
  • The rivalry between Microsoft and Sony is possibly a major issue too. Neither of the two companies like enabling crossplay as it would shrink their share of the market while increasing the hardware sales of their competitor. In 2021, Epic Games revealed that Sony sometimes charges publishers cross-play fees.
  • Certain legal issues might also be preventing the release of cross platform play for many games including RDR2.

All these problems are barring players from enjoying this amazing action adventure game with a friend who owns a different console.

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Cross-Gen Supported?

rdr2 screenshot 4 On a positive note, you may note that the game is cross-gen compatible to some extent. While it isn’t available on the Xbox 360 at all, the Xbox Series X/S will support the Xbox One version through backward compatibility.

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As for the PlayStation family, the game is available only for the PS4. However, those playing on the PS5 can run the PS4 version on their console too. In both cases, you’ll basically be playing the same old version of RDR2 until a new one comes out.

Is It Cross-Progression Compatible?

rdr2 screenshot 5 In addition to the Red Dead Redemption 2 cross platform feature, the cross-progression feature is missing too. Hence, if you are playing on PlayStation but switch to PC in order to play with your friends, you will lose all your progress and will have to start the game all over again, including your progress in the single player mode.

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If you began playing only recently and haven’t progressed much through the story, this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

Is It Cross-Play Compatible?

By now, it must be evident to you that crossplay doesn’t exist for this title. Unless you and your friends are on the same platform, you cannot play the game together. The only respite is that it does offer cross-gen compatibility to some extent, on Xbox and PlayStation.

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Cross Play Between:

#Nintendo Switch and PC?

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Unfortunately for Nintendo Switch players, the game is not available on this platform. Hence, PC gamers can’t play RRD2 with their friends who are on Nintendo Switch.

#Xbox and PC?

Due to technical differences like controller inputs and graphics, the game does not offer cross play between these two platforms.

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#Xbox and PS4/PS5?

As mentioned previously, the rivalry between Sony and Microsoft prevents several games from being available for cross platform play. The same applies to RRD2 too, and an Xbox player cannot cross-play with someone using PS4 or PS5.

#PS4 and Xbox One?

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Unfortunately, Red Dead Redemption 2 cross platform compatibility isn’t available between the PS4 and One console either.

#PC and PS4/PS5?

As in case of Xbox and PC, technical differences prevent this vast open world game from being available for cross play between PC and PS4 or PS5 too.

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#Switch and PS5

As Switch doesn’t support this game, a friend who uses this platform can’t play with you if you play on PS5, or any other platform.

#PS4 and PS5?

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Thankfully, online crossplay of this game is possible between PS4 and PS5, through backward compatibility. This indicates that PS5 players would have to run the PS4 version of the game to play with friends who are on PS4.

#Mobile and PC?

No, it’s not playable between mobile platforms and PC.

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#Android and iOS?

As neither Android nor iOS supports RDR2, cross-play between these two platforms is obviously impossible. There is a companion app available which merely connects directly to the PS4 or Xbox One as you play in order to deliver real-time interactive information to your smart device.

What Is Cross Platform Gaming?

rdr2 screenshot 1 In the gaming world, cross platform gaming is slowly becoming a more common feature. A cross platform game is one that allows gamers to play together even if they are on different platforms. For instance, someone on the Xbox Series X/S might be able to play with a gamer who uses PlayStation or PC.

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The key advantage of this feature is quite obvious; it allows you to play with a friend who enjoys the same game but uses another platform. The demand for cross platform games is at an all-time high, especially due to the growing popularity of multiplayer titles. This is why many of the top multiplayer games out there are cross-platform compatible.

Will RDR2 Become Cross-Platform In The Future?

So far, there has been no indication from Rockstar suggesting that Red Dead Redemption 2 crossplay will be available in the future. Hence, it’s unlikely that you will be able to enjoy any cross-play facility other than the cross-gen feature available within the Xbox and PlayStation console families.

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What Are Co-Op Games?

Games like Red Dead online that allow gamers to play a game together to achieve a common goal are known as co-op games. This is often a key feature of the online portion of the game, promoting teamwork. As the co-op feature in RRD2 is extremely popular, it’s easy to see why players want RDR2 crossplay so badly.

Why Is RRD2 So Popular?

rdr2 screenshot 2 Although the crossplay feature is unavailable, the game still continues to be a favorite among players who love the American Wild West theme. The single player story mode allows you to explore towns in a vast open world.

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Another aspect which helps the game stand out from the rest is the fact that it involves two different protagonists you can pick. Besides the first playable protagonist, former outlaw Arthur Morgan, players control “Irish” Red O’Malley too. Morgan gets to lead a gang of fellow bandits who go around robbing, fighting, killing, and stealing.

The developers have meticulously added a variety of coveted features, in addition to an engaging storyline and amazing graphics. The new gameplay mode, Dead-Eye targeting, comes with a unique element that allows players to shoot in slow-motion. Whether you play as outlaw Arthur Morgan or Red O’Malley, this is an enjoyable game indeed.

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Unless you and your friends play RDR2 on platforms in the same console family, you can’t enjoy it together.  Despite the fact that it is one of the most popular AAA games out there, Red Dead Redemption 2 crossplay won’t be available to players.

Considering the perks of cross-platform compatibility and the popularity of this feature, it is easy to see why players would want it. However, it doesn’t look like RDR2 will ever get it based on the fact that other popular titles from Rockstar Games do not offer crossplay either. The developers just don’t seem to be keen on this. So it is indeed unfortunate for fans who have been praying for it.

But don’t forget that Arthur Morgan’s storyline is gripping and so are the gameplay elements. Hence, the unavailability of online crossplay shouldn’t be a reason to discard the game. It doesn’t hurt to hope that Red Dead Online will come with cross-play in the future.

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