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Is Rec Room Cross Platform In 2023? [Let’s Dig In]

Is Rec Room Cross Platform Want to know more about Rec Room cross platform compatibility so that you can fully immerse yourself in this virtual world using your Oculus Quest? We’re about to answer all these questions and then some.

Why is Rec Room popular?

Back in 2016, Against Gravity Corp. (now Rec Room Inc.) released a free, virtual reality-based massively multiplayer online social game called Rec Room.

By 2022, the growing interest in the metaverse expanded its popularity, with the game amassing 75 million lifetime users and 3 million monthly active VR users.

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Although the game was initially released for PC with VR only, it was quickly made accessible on both VR and non-VR input devices across different platforms. This helped it ramp up its numbers. Nevertheless, most users recommend playing the game in VR to enjoy its full brilliance.

What is Rec Room?

Essentially, Rec Room acts a hub or gateway to a multitude of Originals or user-created rooms that have games, events, artwork, clubs, and much more. Players can build completely new games from scratch using the Maker Pen tool — your imagination is the only limit. Rec Room MMO Like most online social games, players can customize their own avatar. Players first spawn in their own personal dorm room from where they can venture into the recreation center and socialize, or use their Rec Room watch to enter various rooms. There is something for everyone here.

For more information on what you can do in the game, please see the FAQ section below.

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Is Rec Room a cross platform game in 2023?

Yes, Rec Room cross platform functionality is available across different consoles and various input devices. The developers have made sure that people can socialize as well as build and play games together regardless of whether they use PC/PlayStation VR or iOS/Android mobiles.

What is cross platform play?

A cross platform game allows people to play the same game together on different platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, and even iOS/Android devices. This functionality is often a challenge to developers, especially if they did not build the game keeping cross platform support in mind.

However, the gaming community frowns on single platform console games and expects some kind of cross console option for their preferred platforms in newly released games. At the very least, they want assurances that the game publishers will implement cross platform support in future updates, as seen in most games nowadays.

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Now, let’s dive into the crux of the matter — across which devices exactly is the Rec Room crossplay option available right now?

Rec Room cross platform play between:

PC and PS4?

Player Menu Affirmative! Rec Room cross platform support is provided between PC and PS4. Furthermore, this feature is applicable even if you use VR (such as Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality or PSVR) or non-VR controls as an input device.

PC and Android

Yes, Android and PC users can play Rec Room together and meet up without worrying about cross platform compatibility. Unfortunately, some Android players have complained of delayed Android updates due to which they are sometimes unable to join their fellow PC players.

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Xbox One and PS4/PS5

Rec Room has provided crossplay functionality between Xbox One and PS4/PS5. Not just that, the company has also enabled cross platform inventories in its latest updates so that you don’t have to worry about losing your hard-earned items and cosmetics when you switch from your Xbox to PS4 or vice versa.

Android and Oculus Quest

Yes, there is Rec Room crossplay compatibility between Android and Oculus Quest as well. If you are on the move, but still want to complete your daily challenges, the developers have got you covered. You can enjoy the full VR experience on Oculus Quest and then shift to your Android mobile phone, if needed.

Xbox One and PC

Rec Room cross platform play is available for Xbox One and PC players. The company has really put great effort into expanding the user base, and considering this is a social multiplayer game, one can expect only benefits from this strategy. Now, you can easily voice-chat and play the game on your Xbox One with your friend who has a PC.

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Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

Yes; Rec Room has enabled cross platform play between the Xbox One and Xbox series X/S. The developers have taken care of Xbox console enthusiasts should they wish to move from the older One to the newer Series X/Y or vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are MMO games?

Rec Room Originals Massively multiplayer online games allow hundreds to thousands of players in one server to compete, co-operate, and even socialize.

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These multiplayer games fall into various categories such as casual (Roblox and Second Life), role-playing (RuneScape and Final Fantasy XIV), and first-person shooter (PlanetSide 2 and World of Tanks), to name a few.

What games/activities does Rec Room have?

This offering aims to keep you occupied with its Rec Room Originals and ever-changing experience themed community hubs. The top room categories in Rec Room right now are PVP, Quest, Horror, Art, and Hangout.

Popular rooms include Paintball and Prison Life in PVP mode, Golden Trophy and The Rise of Jumbotron in Quest mode, Yandere Returns and The Autopsy of Jane Doe in Horror mode, 3D Charades and Crescent Cliffs in Art mode, and Meme Elevator and Duckys Penthouse in Hangout mode.

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Apart from these activities, this virtual world allows you to arrange meetups in rooms, join or create clubs and parties, send messages or voice-chat with friends, earn tokens by completing weekly and daily challenges, participate in sponsored events and leagues, and just stroll the recreation center.

What is the purpose of the Maker Pen?

Maker Pen Maker Pen is an object creation tool that is available to all users in their backpack menu. Players can use this tool to create shapes and even environments that they envision. You can literally dream up worlds with the Maker Pen.

Moreover, you will get all the help you need on your creative journey from Rec Room resident and community creators in the game itself. Outside the game, there are numerous official and player-created Rec Room Discord servers, YouTube channels, and websites that are dedicated to just this purpose.

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Is Rec Room cross generation?

Yes, Rec Room is an entirely cross platform game that offers cross generation capability in the sense that you can easily move from a PS4 to PS5 or from an Xbox One to Xbox Series X/Y and vice versa without facing any issues.

Does it offer cross progression/cross save support?

Thankfully, yes. The developers have enabled the extremely useful cross progression/cross save feature so that you smoothly transition from playing Disc Golf mode on your PC or Oculus Quest to just walking with your fellow Rec Room players in Art Gallery mode on your mobile phone.

Will Rec Room offer cross platform support in the future?

Rec Room crossplay is already enabled for multiple platforms and even mobile phones. We believe that the company will continue to offer this support in the future.

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Is Rec Room playable only on the PS4 Virtual Reality version?

Rec Room on PS4 is not restricted to VR mode only. This allows you to play on the PS4 using screen mode with normal screen and joystick controls as well as using VR mode with the PlayStation VR headset.

Do you need PS Plus for Rec Room PS4?

No, you can access the game the PS4 without PS Plus. But players who log in through PS Plus get an exclusive paintball burst rifle skin.

Wrapping up

Rec Room is one of the better VR social games currently available for teens and young adults, and its cross platform feature for both VR and non-VR devices is the cherry on top of this widely-popular virtual world. We cannot wait to see what more this game will have to offer in the coming years.

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