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Is It Too Late To Invest In Bitcoin?

bitcoin Nobody likes being overly late to the party. At what point is it not worth attending?

Bitcoin has been an option of investment for years but not everyone has made the move. Those that bought into the concept and bought the digital coin early are almost certain of a successful investment – despite the rollercoaster ride of its value.

That is because Bitcoin has climbed to extraordinary heights since it was launched. Those that purchased in the early hours and months are not likely to see Bitcoin drop to these one, two and three-figure prices again, even in the most turbulent of Bitcoin dips.

Nowadays, potential investors need to keep an eye on Bitcoin and related crypto news to make calculated risks. The margins for error are smaller and the sensitivity and nobody seems to completely know if Bitcoin is just getting started or not. With that in mind, is it too late to open a Luno Bitcoin Wallet and start investing in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Is Here to Stay

A major reason why so many people are reluctant to get into Bitcoin is because they somehow feel that the whole idea of crypto will come crashing down overnight. This fear is unfounded and almost certainly not going to happen.

Bitcoin has been around for years and digital currency has been in circulation even longer. The reason so many have this fear is because there are increasing negative news stories about Bitcoin than before. These news stories highlight the horror stories of people losing access to wallets or being hacked. Yet, when things are done correctly the risks are small and the news is reporting on isolated incidents.

If a potential Bitcoin investor stays clear of the industry because they think Bitcoin will not be around in ten years from now, they are mistaken. Bitcoin is just disrupting the financial sector like Airbnb is a nuisance to hotels and Uber is to cab drivers.

Bitcoin Is #1, Still!

Another reason why it is not too late to invest in Bitcoin is due to its status. It displaces all other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Ripple, by a long way. If any crypto is about to die out it would not be Bitcoin, which is another reason why it is still worth investing in.

Regulations Make It Safer

Blockchain champions may not be too thrilled by the sound of diplomats and officials discussing crypto and how to regulate it. Reeling it into a centralized system is the opposite of what it set out to achieve. However, regulation can be good for Bitcoin.

There are pending regulations in the EU and other nations, which intend to prevent crypto crimes and make Bitcoin a safer place for investors to operate. These positives strides may cause another bullish year for Bitcoin in the future as more businesses are able to handle and use it. Getting in before regulations may make your investment see better returns.

With all investments there are risks. Risks are always present in crypto too, but the facts suggest it is still not too late to start a Bitcoin portfolio.