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iPhone 5C Apple smartphone rumor: C for Cheap?

The steady stream of leaks regarding the new Apple smartphone has a new bit to reveal, even as iPhone 5C has emerged to be the possible name with which the device will be branded. A photograph apparently showcasing a bunch of packaging cases bearing the iPhone 5C moniker has been beamed out through a recent leak by Chinese site WeiPhone, as noticed by Nowhereelse.fr. Of course, as always, there’s no concrete evidence about the trustworthiness of the image, but one look at it, and you can’t miss the trademark Apple appeal.

This lower cost device appears to be ready for being packaged into white plastic boxes, and as is being speculated by Mac Rumors, their front covers which aren’t to be seen in the photograph, could well be splashed in the various shades the phone is apparently planned to come drenched in. If past leaks are to be believed, the iPhone 5C will be targeted at those looking for mid-range smartphones. We’re not sure how many would want to lay hands on it once the C for Cheap gags start going around though.

iPhone 5C Covers

To save costs, the company will purportedly be equipping it with a Snapdragon processor as well as cheaper shells for its enclosure. Earlier reports have pointed out that the iPhone 5C will be hitting markets, marked with a price tag of $349 for its 16GB base model. Furthermore, its 32GB and 64GB variants are expected to have their MRPs set at $449 and $549, respectively. Those eagerly awaiting Apple’s confirmation on the apparent iPhone 5C will have to cool their heels until this fall, as it is only then that the company is apparently planning to launch it.

New information about the iPhone 5C or the cheap Apple smartphone keeps pouring in at regular intervals. So stay tuned for more.