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Is Insurgency Sandstorm Cross-Platform / Crossplay In 2023? [Let’s Dig In]

Is Insurgency Sandstorm Cross Platform If you’ve been inquiring online about the status of Insurgency Sandstorm cross platform compatibility, you’ve reached the right space. The multiplayer tactical FPS game is ideal for being bestowed with this feature since it will allow you to play with your friends without any worries about being on the same platform.

Developed by New World Interactive and published by Focus Entertainment, Insurgency Sandstorm was first released in 2018 as a sequel to the much-loved 2014 game Insurgency. At the time of its release, there was no question of cross platform support as it was only available for PC.

However, 2021 saw the devs dishing out console versions, making the game available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Since then, it has been embraced by millions around the world and has been receiving new content on a regular basis.

One of the most striking aspects of the game is its realistic gameplay that’s complemented by minimal HUD. Its tactical aspects elevate the experience, placing emphasis on using teamwork and cooperation to survive.

Insurgency Sandstorm is also lauded for its excellent level design and realistic sound effects that create its unique atmosphere. The game is set in an unnamed fictional Middle Eastern region and revolves around a conflict between two factions.

One of those factions is ‘Security’ and is loosely based on various world militaries like NATO forces, SOCOM and the armed forces of Afghanistan and Syria. The other faction is ‘Insurgents’ and is loosely based on various paramilitary and terrorist groups like ISIL, the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda.

In the game’s many competitive multiplayer modes, you can choose from a set of eight classes, namely Rifleman, Breacher, Advisor, Demolitions, Marksman, Gunner, Observer, and Commander. The game features cooperative as well as competitive modes.

Is Insurgency Sandstorm Cross Platform In 2023?

No, Insurgency Sandstorm does not support crossplay. This means, if you own the game on PC and your friend owns it on the PS5, you cannot play with or against each other. Both the players who wish to play together need to be on the same platform.

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However, there’s hope to be had in this respect. The developers have said that they are working on console crossplay. This means an update could enable cross platform play between the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

That said, they have also mentioned that there are no plans for introducing the feature between consoles and PC. Those who own the game on Steam can indeed play with those who own it via the Epic Games Store. Insurgency Sandstorm Environment If and when cross platform features are introduced, it will surely provide a number of big advantages to gamers. These include:

  • Improved matchmaking: The game will be able to match players of different skill levels together. This can bring more balance and enjoyment to the playing field.
  • Reduced server woes: Troubles that arise in the server architecture are greatly reduced when this feature is enabled.
  • Greater revenue: Crossplay support means a greater number of players might feel compelled to indulge in microtransactions, leading to an increase in revenue for the publishers.
  • Large player base: With players being able to indulge in cross platform play anytime, games with this feature are able to build a larger player base over time.

Is Insurgency Sandstorm Crossplay Between:

PC and PS4?

No, Insurgency Sandstorm cross platform gameplay is not available between PC and PS4. Players will only be matched with others on the same platform.

PC and Android?

No, there is no scope for this feature between PC and Android since the game is not available on Android in the first place. Neither is it available on any other mobile platform.

Xbox One and PS4/PS5?

No, Insurgency Sandstorm crossplay support is not available between the Xbox One and PlayStation consoles.

Xbox One and PC?

No, you cannot play Insurgency Sandstorm between Xbox One and PC.

PS4/PS5 and PC?

No, there is no way the game can be played with or against anyone on PC if you’re on a PlayStation console.

Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

Yes, this is one instance where limited cross platform support exists for Insurgency Sandstorm. If you own the game on the Xbox One, you can indeed play it with those who own it on the Xbox Series X or Series S consoles.

PS4 and PS5?

Yes, the game’s cross generation support allows you to play with PS4 players if you are using the PS5.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Are Survival Games So Popular?

The main reason why survival games are so enjoyable is the thrill they are able to generate by putting players in dire situations. By limiting the amount of ammo they can carry or the number of times they can use an axe before it breaks down, these games encourage strategic usage of weapons.

This makes stuff like looking for shelter, collecting resources and crafting weapons an incredibly important part of such games. Some survival games have you scrounging for food to keep your character alive, adding even more realism to the experience.

All these factors, combined with conventional action-adventure gameplay, have led to survival games becoming incredibly popular worldwide.

Does Insurgency Sandstorm Offer Cross Save?

Insurgency Sandstorm Co-op There is limited cross save support for this game. Those on the PS4 and PS5 can carry over their saved files between the two gaming consoles, and the same goes for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Is Insurgency Sandstorm Cross Generation?

Yes, Insurgency Sandstorm is indeed a cross generation game. This means players who own it on the PS4 can play it with those who have it on the PS5, while those who own it on the Xbox One can play it with those who have it on the Xbox Series X/S.

Does It Offer Cross Progression Support?

Yes, cross progression is supported in Insurgency Sandstorm, but only across PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Regrettably, there is no cross progression between PC and other consoles or other platforms.

Does Insurgency Sandstorm Have Co-Op?

Yes, the game indeed features cooperative gameplay, allowing you to team up with your friends to participate in multiplayer matches. There are a number of co-op modes in the game.

Among them is Checkpoint, which has players sequentially capturing objectives or destroying caches while fighting AI enemies as they advance across the map. Players win if all objectives are captured and the final counterattack is repelled.

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And then there’s Hardcore Checkpoint, which basically slows down the movement, features limited equipment and SP, and has no friendly player HUD icons.

Another co-op mode is Outpost, which has players defending an objective from seven waves of enemies, with every second wave featuring special enemies like suicide bombers and machine gunners.

And then there’s Survival; it asks players to capture a series of random objectives across a map while fighting enemies. They need to do this with limited SP, with sidearms being the only weapons available in the loadout menu.

Wrapping up

The fact that this excellent multiplayer game is available on a variety of platforms makes it an ideal candidate for enabling cross play support. Is Insurgency Sandstorm cross platform play being worked on?

Yes, indeed. Publisher Focus Entertainment has indeed confirmed this news. We’ll keep you posted on all the developments on the front.