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Is Human: Fall Flat Cross-Platform? [Yes, On Some Devices]

Is Human: Fall Flat Cross Platform Is Human: Fall Flat cross platform compatibility on your mind? If you’ve already played this game, then you’ll know that you can enjoy it with friends too. In fact, it’s one of those titles you should only play in co-op mode.

Just like Among Us, Human: Fall Flat became especially popular during the pandemic when everyone was sitting at home, trying to find ways to connect over fun activities with friends and family. It is understandable that you might be wondering “Is Human: Fall Flat cross play available for users on different devices?”

The game was originally released in 2016 as a single player. Following many requests for a multiplayer mode, developer Tomas Sakalauskas added this feature in 2017, enabling up to eight players to indulge in it together. The multiplayer mode is particularly exhilarating on the extremely difficult levels that call for a great deal of teamwork and coordination.

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The game remains kind of limited in terms of cross platform compatibility though. You can indeed dive into Human: Fall Flat cross platform with players on a different platform, but the feature works only for certain systems. For instance, mobile phone gamers and Windows PC players cannot play it together. So let’s get into exactly how much cross play flexibility the multiplayer mode offers.

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Platform In 2022?

River Rafting Launched by No Brakes Games and distributed by Curve Digital, Human: Fall Flat did not support cross platform in the past. However, in a recent update, the developers added cross platform support to some extent. For example, mobile users can now play together, irrespective of the phone they own.

If your friend uses a separate system from the one you’re on, knowing on which platforms the game can be played together would be quite helpful. Jotted down below is a list to make it easy for you to check the same.

Is Human Fall Flat Cross Play Between:

ihff screenshot 4

#Nintendo Switch and PC?

Unfortunately, PC gamers and Nintendo Switch users cannot play this game together as it doesn’t offer cross play between these two platforms.

#Xbox and PC?

Yes, the game is now cross platform between Xbox Series XS, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. This was announced on the official Xbox Wire website, noting that the title is optimized for Xbox Series X|S with Smart Delivery support.

The latter means that those who own a copy can update to the next-gen version at no additional cost. However, on Windows you have to launch the game through the Xbox app to be able to cross play with Xbox Fall Flat players.

#Xbox and PS4/PS5?

No, the game isn’t cross platform supported between the Xbox and PS4/PS5 yet.

#PS4 and Xbox One?

Why is Human: Fall Flat cross play between the Xbox One and PS4 non-existent? We don’t know, but it sadly is.

#PC and PS4/PS5?

This game doesn’t support cross play between PS4/PS5 and PC.

#Switch and PS5

Is Human: Fall Flat cross play support available between the Nintendo Switch console and PS5? The answer is ‘No’.

#PS4 and PS5?

PS5 owners will have to launch the PS4 version of this game in order to play with friends who use the PS4.

#Android and iOS?

Yes, Human Fall Flat is cross play between Android and iOS platforms.

#Mobile and PC?

PC users and mobile devices users can’t play Fall Flat together.

Will Human Fall Flat Become Cross-Platform In The Future?

ihff screenshot 1 As of now, No Brakes Games and Curve Digital haven’t given any indication of whether they will make the game compatible for cross play on different platforms in the future. Hence, we can’t expect it to support cross platform gaming any time soon. This is bad news unless your pals are on the same gaming platform as you.

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In case you and your friends play on different devices that aren’t cross play compatible, you do have a potential solution. Your gang could download the mobile version of the game and enjoy it together. In the meantime, we can hope that Human: Fall Flat cross platform for different devices like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and mobile will become a reality in the future.

What Is Cross Platform Gaming?

Cliff Slide With a diverse range of gaming platforms available and cloud gaming becoming popular, video game developers are starting to think about prioritizing cross-platform gaming. Titles that are cross platform allow gamers using different devices to play together.

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Such cross platform play is especially helpful for those who wish to enjoy a game together, but play on different gaming platforms. If you want to try out Human: Fall Flat with your friends, you need to check if it will support the necessary devices.

What Are Puzzle Platform Games?

ihff screenshot 6 A puzzle platformer is pretty much what the term indicates. It is a mix of two video game genres — puzzle games and platform games. Puzzle platformers bring a lot to the table by blending the mind-stimulating challenges of puzzles and the engaging movement and fluidity of platformers.

If you’ve played puzzle platformers in the past and enjoyed them, the chances are high that you will like Fall Flat too.

Is Human: Fall Flat Cross-Progression Supported?

Another thing you might be wondering about is whether or not the game supports cross-progression. It is only normal that you wouldn’t want to lose your progress when moving to another device. Unfortunately, Fall Flat cross progression is not available. In case you switch to different platforms, you would have to start again from scratch.

Is Fall Flat Cross-Gen Enabled?

Human: Fall Flat does offer cross-generation compatibility on PlayStation and Xbox. In case you and your friends play on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One, you can still play the game together. The same applies to players using the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

However, PS5 Human: Fall Flat players would have to launch the PS4 version of this game in order to play with friends who use the PlayStation 4.

How Many Levels Does Human: Fall Flat Have?

ihff screenshot 3 As of March 2022, Human: Fall Flat boasted of a total of 19 levels. The game developers have announced that they will be adding more levels in the future at no extra charges.

Certain levels such as Aztec, Ice, Forest and Water can be quite difficult, which only adds to the fun after you’ve gotten over the initial frustrations. After all, this is a puzzle game. It wouldn’t be very exciting if it were too easy to solve.

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In the more difficult levels, it is helpful to have friends assisting you to tackle the challenges. Even if you are playing solo, do not lose heart and you should be able to finish all the levels.

There’s no timer or single way to complete the challenges — you are only limited by your creativity. You could say that the game is more about the spectacle and having a good time with others, than racing through its fantastically minimalist puzzle maps.

Wrapping Up

So is Human: Fall Flat cross platform support a make-or-break factor? Well, not exactly. The game crossed 30 million in sales of July 2021 last year. It is multiplayer enabled for folks on the same system. But yeah, it could do better with compatibility across the major platforms.

All the polarizing opinions you hear about Human Fall Flat likely come from those who’ve tried it solo as opposed to folks who’ve tested it with friends. This physics-based puzzle game is infinitely more fun when group effort goes into solving the various challenges it presents.

So while it is available on multiple platforms, its restricted cross platform support feels extremely limiting right now.