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Is Hell Let Loose Cross-Platform / Crossplay In 2023? [Yes, To A Limited Extent]

Is Hell Let Loose Cross-Platform “Is Hell Let Loose cross platform” has been a hot question among FPS fans ever since the game was launched on consoles.

The 50 vs 50 armed battles in some of World War II’s epic battle areas will be vastly better if you could play with your friends despite them being on different platforms.

And it will also be great if there’s cross progression support available.

We’ll get to the cross play situation soon. But first, let’s see what are the multiple platforms it’s available on. Hell Let Loose was first released for PC in July 2021.

In October of the same year, the console version was launched, albeit only for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.

Unfortunately, the game has given the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a miss. Developer Black Matter stated that this was because it was already very complex to port the PC version to new-gen gaming console platforms.

This was conveyed by Black Matter CEO Max Rea, though he didn’t completely deny the possibility of a port for the two consoles.

He answered the question with a “not sure,” while adding that he would “say no just to give kind of a hard and fast answer.”

Created on Unreal Engine 4, Hell Let Loose was two years into its development when its makers launched a Kickstarter campaign, which ended up becoming a big success.

In 2019, the game was released as an early access title for PC, while July 2021 was when it got a full release.

It’s a highly enjoyable multiplayer tactical first-person shooter that lets you participate in iconic battles on the Western and Eastern Fronts of World War II.

You can play as Germans, Americans, Soviets, and British, while Finnish and Polish factions are set to be added soon as well.

Hell Let Loose includes two main game modes, both featuring maps that are divided into sectors for each team to capture and control.

In the first game mode, called Warfare, the team that controls all sectors at a given time or a majority of them when the timer runs out wins.

In the second mode, called Offensive, the aim of a defending team is to control all its sectors, while the opposing team tries to capture them.

As you may have understood, communication between players is a very important aspect of this game.

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That’s the reason why each team has a “leadership” voice channel that a designated commander can use to communicate with the troops.

A feature only reserved for the PC community is access to team-wide and unit-level text chat.

All this awesomeness begs the question, “Is this game cross platform?” Let’s get into everything about its cross play nature.

Is Hell Let Loose cross platform in 2023?

FPS Games Yes, Hell Let Loose cross platform play is a reality, albeit with a caveat – PC gamers cannot take advantage of it. The cross play feature is only present for console players.

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That is still a big deal, given how so few games offer cross platform support between Sony and Microsoft consoles.

The availability of this feature means anyone who wants to play Hell Let Loose on the PlayStation 5 gaming console can play with or against anyone playing it on Xbox Series X/S.

Hell Let Loose crossplay between:

PC and Xbox One?

Hell Let Loose does not support cross platform gaming across these two platforms as it is not available on the Xbox One in the first place.

PC and Xbox Series X/S?

Unfortunately, Hell Let Loose crossplay is not accessible between these platforms despite the fact that the game is available for PC users as well as Xbox owners.

PS5 and Xbox Series X/S?

Yes, Hell Let Loose crossplay is indeed available across these two even though they are different consoles with their own game versions.

PS5 and PC?

No, Hell Let Loose cross play functionality is not available between these two devices.

Xbox One and PS4?

There’s no question of Hell Let Loose cross platform play existing between the Xbox One and PS4 as the game is not available to play on these two consoles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it support cross platform play in the future?

Hell Let Loose cross play support between PC and consoles is pretty much out of the question for the future.

This is mainly because of the advantages keyboard and mouse users have over those using controllers.

Does Hell Let Loose support cross progression?

Although playing Hell Let Loose cross platform is possible between the console versions of the game, the game does not support cross progression between any platform.

That means you won’t be able to carry over progress from your platform to other platforms.

Does Hell Let Loose have cross save?

In-Game Weapons System Cross save is more or less the same thing as cross progression.

So it’s safe to say that it’s not supported by this game.

On what platforms is Hell Let Loose available?

All the console versions of Hell Let Loose support cross play. The game can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

How to add friends on Hell Let Loose PC?

On Steam, you can head to the “Add a friend” section to enter your friend’s ID.

If you wish to find a random player you played with and add them as a friend, the same section has a “Recently played with” option featuring the IDs of all those you played with.

Wrapping up

It’s not surprising that Hell Let Loose cross platform is a reality for console players and not for PC players.

The way the game has been designed would create a huge disparity between the skills of players when played across PC and consoles.

So those hoping to experience Hell Let Loose cross platform support between PC players and console players in the future should not keep their hopes high since nothing on the said matter has been promised by its developers.