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Is Friday The 13th Crossplay / Cross-Platform In 2023? [Explained]

Is Friday The 13th Crossplay “Is Friday the 13th crossplay” is a relevant question to ponder over given how the game has grown over the years to be a solid survival horror experience that’s best enjoyed with friends, rather than solo.

After all, it can be played on a variety of platforms, making it an ideal candidate for cross platform support.

Friday the 13th: The Game allows asymmetrical multiplayer play and pits up to seven players controlling Camp Crystal Lake counselors against one controlling the feared Jason Voorhees. The fun is amplified by the fact that this game has a semi-open world setting.

Those who play Friday the 13th as Jason get special time-restricted abilities like being able to sense nearby counselors and instantly move anywhere on the map.

And the abilities of the counselors include temporarily stunning Jason using firecrackers and bear traps.

Moreover, they can even fling various objects at him or assume control of Tommy Jarvis, who becomes playable when certain conditions are met.

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The game’s frantic nature comes from the fact the counselors need to escape alive and Jason is tasked with killing as many of them as possible.

You can expect plenty of scary, funny, and thrilling moments during each match.

Is Friday The 13th Crossplay In 2023?

Friday the 13th Gameplay There’s bad news for fans of the game. You cannot play Friday the 13th in cross play fashion.

You and your friends need to be on the same platform in order to play with each other. If they are on other gaming platforms, they won’t be able to play with you.

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This is quite disappointing, especially considering the fact that it can be enjoyed on almost every major gaming platform out there.

So before you get around to calling your friends for an online match, make sure that they own the same game on the same platform as you.

Does Friday The 13th Support Cross-Platform Play Between:

PS4 and PC?

No, you cannot play Friday the 13th between the PS4 and PC as the cross platform feature has not been enabled for the game in the first place.

Xbox and PC?

With both Xbox and Windows PC being Microsoft’s own platforms, one would expect cross play support tobe available between them but that’s unfortunately not the case.

Xbox and PS4?

Again, the answer is no. There’s no way you can enjoy Friday the 13th crossplay between Xbox gaming consoles and the PS4.

PS4 and PS5?

Yes, this is one exception where Friday the 13th crossplay is a reality. That’s mainly because the PS5 version of the game is nothing but the PS4 version running on the new platform owing to backward compatibility.

Hence, you can indeed play the game between the two PlayStation consoles.

Nintendo Switch and PC?

The game was released for the Nintendo Switch in 2019, allowing gamers to experience its brilliant survival horror gameplay on the tiny Nintendo Switch display.

However, there’s no question of crossplay between the Switch and PC.

Will It Support Cross Platform Play In The Future?

There has been no word from the game’s developers regarding the introduction of cross play in the game. So we’d say don’t keep your hopes very high.


Does It Offer Cross Progression Support?

As is the case with cross platform support, Friday the 13th: The Game also does not feature cross progression in any way.

The absence of this feature means when gamers switch from playing on one platform to another, their in-game progress won’t be carried over.

Does Friday the 13th Have Cross Save?

Cross progression and cross save are more or less the same thing and the game offers neither. Moving from one platform to another will mean gamers will need to start playing from the very start.

Is The Game Cross Generation?

Yes, Friday the 13th is a cross generation game for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. If you own it on the PS4 you can play it with those who own it on the PS5. And the same applies to the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S.

Does It Offer Split-Screen Play?

No, there’s no split-screen support in the game. You play as a single character in it. If you want to enjoy it with friends, remember its lack of cross play.

On Which Platforms Is The Game Available?

In May 2017, Friday the 13th was released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However, the game was only sold in the form of digital copies.

That changed in October of the same year when disc versions were launched worldwide.

In 2019, the game’s Switch version was made available. And in 2020, when the PS5 and the Xbox One became available, their backward compatibility meant that Friday the 13th was playable on them immediately.

That means, the game can be played now on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

It covers all the major platforms out there right now. If only it supported cross platform gameplay on all of them, it’d be the perfect offering for a night in with friends, don’t you think?

Wrapping Up

When Friday the 13th was first announced, it was met with immense curiosity by fans. After all, it’s based on one of the most successful horror movie franchises of all time.

Since 2009, this franchise hadn’t seen a new movie added to it. So the announcement of a game based on it raised the excitement for fans.

The game’s makers took to Kickstarter and BackerKit for crowd-funding its development and needless to say, both these campaigns were incredibly successful.

Despite the fact that it was conceived as a multiplayer game, a single-player mode was added to it.

It involves objective-based missions that have the player assuming control of Jason against offline camp counselor bots.

Some of these missions are adapted from situations featured in the films, while others are completely original. So there’s something for everyone here.

As we said, Friday the 13th crossplay would be great as it is an ideal candidate for cross platform support.

However, its makers still haven’t added in this the feature. Nor have they mentioned any plans of introducing the same in the future.