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Is Far Cry 5 Cross-Platform In 2022? [Explained]

Is Far Cry 5 Cross-Platform Is Far Cry 5 cross platform compatibility a feature that would make the game worth playing according to you? The fifth main installment to the beloved first-person shooter was built on the blueprint set and perfected by Far Cry 3. When it came out in 2018, it delighted us with its over-the-top open world gameplay. So it wasn’t a surprise to see it become the fastest-selling title in the entire Far Cry series.

The game’s story is set amid the rolling hills of a fictional region called Hope County in Montana, United States. It revolves around a doomsday cult headed by a charismatic and powerful leader, Joseph Seed. You are thrust into the shoes of an unnamed junior deputy sheriff who must work alongside various resistance factions to liberate the region. Combat and exploration are a huge part of the gameplay.

There are plenty of RPG elements as well, including a branching storyline and side quests. The game’s multiplayer mode involves an online co op mode that allows you to play the entire campaign with a friend. This is possible via the ‘Friend for Hire’ feature which allows a custom player character who can fight alongside you in co op missions, dropping in and out with full voice-chat support.

The cooperative mode features the ability to share ammo and health packs with your friend. But only the host player gets to keep the mission progress. Your companion can hold onto other progression elements like cash, guns, perks or loot. There’s no random matchmaking support; so cooperative mode missions can only be enjoyed with people from your friend list.

Another thing to touch upon is the Far Cry Arcade mode which was introduced in this fifth installment of the franchise. It can be accessed from the main menu or several locations in the chief story campaign. You can build and share custom maps you and your friends can play on using the map editor.

Is Far Cry 5 Cross Platform In 2022?

Far Cry 5 Combat No, Far Cry 5 cross platform gameplay is not supported yet. This means you will not be able to play the game with your friend if they are on any other platform than yours. While it’s great to have cross platform support in any game, it does come with its fair share of disadvantages. These include:

Lowered Performance:

Two platforms with different hardware call for different development processes. Hence, when cross platform games need to be created, compromises on performance are expected.

Harder Code Design:

Cross platform development puts extra pressure on the developers. They need to handle specific exceptions for a variety of devices and platform differences.

Long Wait Times:

Cross platform play also increases the wait time for new features and bug fixes since they need to be thoroughly tested on all platforms.

Is Far Cry 5 Cross-Gen?

Planes Being Shot At Yes indeed, Far Cry 5 does feature cross gen support. This means if you’ve bought the game for the PS4, you can definitely play it on the PS5. The same goes for its Xbox One version that will work flawlessly on the Xbox Series X/S. Apart from these platforms, the game is also available on Microsoft Windows PC and Google Stadia.

Is It Cross-Progression Enabled?

Yes, cross progression is supported across all platforms. This way, any player-related progress can be shared between multiple platforms. You can do this by signing into your Ubisoft account.

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This will save all the progress in that account and you can then instantly access it on any other platform on which you play Far Cry 5 by signing back into the Ubisoft account there.

Is Far Cry 5 Cross-Play Between:

Nintendo Switch and PC?

The game is not available on the Nintendo Switch. So there’s obviously no way it can feature cross platform play between these two platforms.

Xbox and PC?

No, there is no cross play support between these two platforms despite both of them belonging to Microsoft.

Xbox and PS4/PS5?

The ability to play cross platform is not provided for PS4/PS5 and Xbox players wishing to play alongside each other.

PS4 and Xbox One?

Fishing No, Far Cry 5 is not cross-platform supported between the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One since these are different platforms.

PC and PS4/PS5?

There is no cross platform gameplay for Far Cry 5 between PC players and PS4/PS5 users.

Switch and PS5?

As we said, the game is not available for the Nintendo Switch hybrid console.

PS4 and PS5?

Yes, you can play the game on the PS4 with your friend who is on their PS5 because of its cross gen nature that’s made possible by backwards compatibility.

Mobile and PC?

Far Cry 5 is not available on any mobile platform.

Android and iOS?

No version of the game exists on these two platforms.

What Is Cross Platform Gaming?

Car Chase Cross platform gaming simply means being able to play multiplayer mode with people who own the same game on a platform different than yours. If a title supports cross platform gameplay, you can be playing it on your PS5 with someone who is playing it on their Xbox Series X/S without any restriction.

Will The Game Become Cross-Platform In The Future?

The possibility that Far Cry 5 will support cross platform in the future is next to none. The game has already been succeeded by Far Cry 6. So there are very few gamers playing it anyway.

What Are First-Person Shooter Games?

First-person shooter games belong in the sub-genre of shooter video games and are centered on gun and other weapon-based combat. They put you inside the action in the first-person perspective, which means you can view the world exactly as the character you are controlling views it.

What Are Co-Op Games?

Dog Stealing Weapon Cooperative or co-op games are actually the kind of multiplayer games that allow you to play collaboratively with other players instead of against them. They are the opposite of competitive multiplayer games which have players battling against one another.

How To Play Co-Op Mode With Friends In Far Cry 5?

You can easily play multiplayer co op with your friends. But you can only access co op features once you’ve left Dutch’s Island. It must also be noted that console players will need PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership to play Far Cry 5 online in co op play mode.

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You may start enjoying it by opening the in-game menu and selecting the Online option. You can then click on ‘Invite Friends’ and choose the friend you would like to invite. Friendly fire will be turned off by default; but you can turn it on for an extra challenge.

Wrapping Up

Dynamite Thrown Far Cry 5 is made even more enjoyable by the option to play the cooperative mode. It’s hence quite a disappointment that you can only take advantage of its multiplayer features with people who are on the same platform as yours.