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Is EagleFX The Ideal Broker Website For Traders?

trading Not many online broker sites can boast of having 30 technical indicators, helping traders stay ahead with their investment strategy. But, EagleFX is not like any other website. It is one site that solely thinks of how traders can improve their earnings. This Forex, CFD, and crypto broker offers cutting edge technology to traders from all around the globe. Instead of focusing on how to profit through transaction and trading fees, the primary objective of this site is to change the trading techniques of people.

Best price guaranteed

EagleFX uses its unique aggregation tool to compare the rates from different liquidity providers before locking the highest option. This allows you to get the best price for your trades every time. They are partners with some of the leading liquidity execution venues and investment banks that guarantee a high price. With these connections, you have assured the best access to top-notch prices and tightest spreads in the game. Most traders who started their career with EagleFX didn’t want to change their online broker because of so many benefits.

Best trading platform

This online broker uses MetaTrader 4 as its trading platform. It is one of the most advanced trading platforms in the crypto and Forex industry right now. With an easy account-opening process and no terms and conditions on minimum deposits, you can start your trading career with just $10. Here’s the accounting-opening process for you:

  • Open the official site of EagleFX. Go to Trading Accounts on the left column of the page. It will have options to “Open a Trading Account”. Click on it.
  • Select the currency you prefer to trade. Different traders select different currencies depending on the country they stay in. Some of the available currencies on this are GBP, USD, EUR, and BIT. After selecting the currency, choose your preferred leverage. The minimum leverage starts from 1:25 and goes to 1:500.
  • Click on “Open Trading Account.” The page will refresh automatically and your account will go live. You can find all the details of your account under the Trading Accounts tab.

Trading from mobile phones made easy

Thanks to the iOS and Android app versions of MetaTrader 4, you can now trade right from your tablet or mobile phone. Whether it is a demo account or a live account, you can trade from anywhere anytime once you download and install the app. The platforms page on the EagleFX website has direct links to MetaTrader 4 for Android, iOS, Mac, and even MT4 web trader. However, if you don’t understand anything regarding the application, you can contact the customer service team.

The dedicated client support is another area that needs special mentioning. You will find an expert 24 x 7, ready to answer your queries. Mail them, call them, or even talk to them on live chat; they have full knowledge of how the site works. So, whether it is an app-related query or questions regarding trading fees, you will have an answer shortly from the customer service team.