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Is Cyberpunk 2077 The Future Of Technology?

cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpunk 2077 is probably one of the most infamous video games of all time. There probably hasn’t been another game that was hyped as much as this. Coming from CD Projekt Red, the developers behind the incredible Witcher franchise, and marketed as a sort of futuristic GTA, big hopes were placed on this being the next big game that spans generations.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. Upon its release, the game had far too many bugs and was essentially unplayable. People demanded refunds and Sony even pulled it from the Playstation Store at one point. However, fast forward to 2022 and the bugs have been fixed, everything runs perfectly, and there’s a new anime series to back it up. As such, more and more people are playing the game, meaning it’s finally reaching its potential.

This means we’re actually getting to see all that’s good about the game – including the storyline. It has one of the coolest concepts you’ll find in a video game. Set in 2077, the world is full of cybernetics and people are adding upgrades to their bodies. The whole idea is that your body is merely a vessel and you can alter it however you like, turning yourself into a near superhuman in some regards. There’s loads of other cool tech in-game too, prompting us to ask the question:

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Is Cyberpunk 2077 a reflection of the future of technology? Is this where we are heading with all the next tech developments in the next fifty years?

Cyberware & Physical Augmentations

cyberpunk 2077 cyberware One of the biggest ideas behind the game is that people have cyberware installed throughout their bodies. The concept is that you install software and additional robotics that replace your physical body parts. For instance, you replace your eye with a robotic one that’s installed with cyberware allowing you to scan each individual you come into contact with. In the context of the game, it lets you see things like the person’s name, occupation, and if they have a criminal record.

You also have augmentations to your limbs, which replace your physical ones with robotics that can make you stronger, faster, etc. A key storyline in the game – and the anime – is that people go crazy because they augment themselves too much and end up more machine than human.

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Could we see this technology in the future?

It’s certainly possible, particularly from a military standpoint. It’s not beyond the realms of comprehension to imagine someone who loses a limb in battle getting a robotic one that’s extra strong. I think the idea of making physical augmentations is definitely something that tech heads and scientists are considering behind the scenes.

But, whether or not it finds its way to the mainstream consumer market remains to be seen. Certainly, it’s highly unlikely we’ll be living in a world full of cyberware and physical augmentations in 2077.

What’s more likely is some of the technology in the cyberware could be developed and used in different ways. For instance, companies are already creating smart glasses that you put on and see information around you. It’s a definite reality that these smart glasses are further developed to provide even more info and have scanning potential – again, most likely used in the military or police force.

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Realistically, most of the tech in this game is going to be used by government organizations rather than consumers. We already see so much advanced tech in this sector that hasn’t ever come to the consumer market. Things like ballistic missile defense radars that detect weapons and instantly send out deterrents to prevent attacks already exist, but the technology behind them hasn’t trickled down yet. So, cyberware and all the cool tech will likely be reserved for these organizations or agencies.

Flying Transport

cyberpunk 2077 flying car Another key technology in Cyberpunk is the presence of flying vehicles around the city. You have police vehicles and emergency services that take to the skies and fly around to get from A to B a lot quicker than cars.

Could we see this technology in the future?

Absolutely! The idea of flying cars and transportation has been around for an extremely long time. It feels as though people are determined to make this happen, and using it for emergency services could make so much sense. Instead of rushing through traffic, ambulances could hover around and fly to where they need to be, potentially increasing the chances of saving a life.

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Again, it’s early days to imagine this right now, but out of all the things in this game, this is probably the most realistically achievable at this second. But, will it happen by 2077? Possibly, but maybe not. Right now, many companies are focusing on things like electric cars to cut down on emissions. I think that will be the key thing that’s developed for the next few decades before we try to get vehicles in the air.

Virtual Reality Experiences

virtual reality vr The final key piece of technology in Cyberpunk that’s worth talking about is the use of virtual reality. In-game, you have shards that are inserted into a port and show you just about anything. You also have a “braindance” that provides a whole host of virtual experiences.

It all revolves around the idea of taking someone away from their reality and providing them with a completely new and immersive experience.

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Could we see this technology in the future?

Again, this is almost certainly going to happen – and is already happening in some regard. You have virtual reality games that place you in a completely new and immersive setting. The difference with Cyberpunk is the technology is more refined. You don’t have to move around to explore the virtual world – you stay lying still and it’s almost like a dream, but you’re in control of yourself within the game.

Whether or not that level of VR can ever be achieved is questionable. I think it would require a lot of technological advancements to reach that point. Still, the concept of providing people with VR experiences that aren’t games is definitely a possibility.

All in all, there’s loads of cool technology in Cyberpunk 2077 that we could see in the future in some way, shape, or form. Whether it arrives in the next 55 years is up for debate, but the game certainly gives us an interesting look at what the future could hold.

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