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Is Customer Service The Most Difficult Job In The World

office Living in a society of diverse cultures and surrounded by unique individuals having their distinct mentalities and cognitive thought processes, it is always challenging to interact with people effectively over phone calls or messages and above that, to satisfy their query, concern, or problem. So, yes, a customer service job is not an easy one. Owing to the fact that it is one of the most crucial units in today’s business, belonging to any niche, the responsibilities and roles of a customer care department are greater than ever before. An efficient and well-driven customer support team plays a central role in maximizing sales and revenues.

The reason being that they are in direct contact with potential leads and can have a huge role in retaining the current customers. When a user with a query picks up the phone and calls a customer service number, it is up to the agent to turn the tables around and convert him into a satisfied customer willing to make an instant purchase. The more compassionate, friendly, supportive, and authentic you sound, the more inclined the user will get towards buying your product or service. The conversation held between the user and the customer-support representative forms the basis for an ever-lasting impression of your brand or service. It is the foundation of customer perception and can result in converting a random caller into a loyal customer. That is the power of an effective customer support service and it can get really tough at times. Here is why it can be regarded as one of the most difficult jobs in the world:

The Pressure is Real

Customer service representatives have to tackle strict KPIs set by an organization. If they fail to achieve them, they might lose their job. So, it is a constant pressure that they have to deal with on a daily basis. Many multinational companies usually outsource their customer service, particularly to third-world countries to hire more agents at a lower cost. Therefore, the agents have to bear the extra pressure of coping with unrealistic goals assigned, lest they face termination. So, these representatives always seem to be pushing themselves and going the extra mile to hit more sales. There is a constant fear of job insecurity hovering over their heads.

Lack of Training and Guidelines

With the growing need for a bigger customer support team to cater to the inquiries of the increasing customers, companies are always looking to hire more customer support agents. Due to greater strength, it gets hard to provide adequate training. An improperly trained agent cannot perform well and might struggle in generating more leads. He might have a hard time dealing with any intense situation that might arise. This can cause loss of potential lead, and the agent might get in hot water.

Customer Attitudes and Moods

Most of the customers who call customer support service are the ones who are frustrated while stuck in the middle of some problem and they feel as if they are not being served right by the organization. As a result, they do not hesitate to bash out and tend to lose their temper on the agent speaking to them. The customer support representative, on the other hand, is bound to stay calm and not react offensively. The real challenge is to gain the trust and confidence of the annoyed customer and provide real-time support. This requires a quick response, active mindedness, and tolerance to bear and resolve the query or issue put forth by the caller. So, agents do not get to deal with good callers every time, since there are always those who are agitated, impulsive, and annoyed. Yet the representative has to stay calm and composed and must have something to offer to them for winning their trust.

Lack of Acknowledgement

Customer support agents are hardly acknowledged for the arduous services they provide. Organizations keep a close track of the profits and growth from sales and seem to undermine the efforts that the agents put in by bringing a greater number of leads. Company representatives do not usually get to enjoy the perks and benefits they deserve. They are always handling higher work stress and have to follow strict workplace protocols. Thus, the lack of proper compensation, invectives, and benefits makes customer service a much difficult, less rewarding, and stressful job that not everyone can manage.

The Bottom Line

If not the most difficult job, customer service is definitely among the challenging ones out there. The customer service representatives have to deal with a lot of stress, pressure, and supervisor negligence to pull off the unrealistic targets assigned to them. The insufficient training and guidance can make it even more difficult for them to cope up with the strict KPIs. These undervalued and low-waged yet self-motivated agents work hard to tackle the often unpredictable and volatile customers who give them a hard time. Yet they seem to strive through and continue to the quest to achieve their assigned targets, pushing hard to get some recognition.