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Is Battlefront 2 Crossplay Enabled? [Explained In Detail]

Is Battlefront 2 crossplay in 2023? This question has probably been on your mind if you want to challenge your friends to an epic match in the game. But maybe you play it on a console and your friends prefer it on PC, or vice versa. Are you dying to know if you can stake your claim to being a worthy FPS opponent whether on PC or console with cross platform play in this game?

We’ve got you covered. We wrote this post just to offer clarity on a singular question –

Is Battlefront 2 Crossplay?

Here is the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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The backstory – the hue and cry? Why are gamers demanding Star Wars Battlefront II crossplay?

Is Battlefront 2 Crossplay
Crossplay is the holy grail of gaming – for both gamers and developers!

Why do gamers want cross platform gaming?

Just like fans of similar games, Battlefront II players also want to challenge other gamers without buying new versions the old cross-platform way. Perhaps you want to throw down the gauntlet to a worthy Battlefront 2 pro at the top position on Windows from your Xbox or PlayStation.

Secondly, cross play talk about shooting games is always a hotly debated subject. PC gamers deny having the advantage of mouse and keyboard. Those on console rebut any talk of imbalanced game mechanics and shoot assists.

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In short, Star Wars Battlefront 2 cross platform play is an exciting prospect.

How do developers benefit from cross play?

The reason for this neatly ties up with the point above. With people from different platforms fighting it out in the grand space battles of Battlefront 2, the player base explodes, and the game grows faster.

Even if none of the above points have you piqued, you might want to try cross platform gameplay with your friends on an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4. Or alternately, you may want more players to game with.

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Starwars Battlefront II exploded in popularity after being released as a free game on the major distribution service, Epic Games Store, a few years back. Ever since, the demand for making Battlefront 2 Cross Play compatible has been increasing.

battlefront 2 reddit community The Battlefront 2 Reddit community has especially been vocal about this. Though some argue that EA should enable this feature only on platforms that are console-based, others take a broader view about letting PC gamers face off against those on Xbox and Playstation. So is Battlefront 2 crossplay?

The Moment of Truth – Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 Cross platform?

Battlefront 2 is NOT crossplay enabled!

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The plain and bare truth! It hurts, but the reality is that after some users raised the query on the official forums, EA (Electronic Arts) clearly revealed their intent. They stated that they have no plans to make the game cross-play enabled.

EA (Electronic Arts) Community Why is Electronic Arts unwilling to let players on different platforms match up in Battlefront 2?

Many studios are riding on the surging trend of cross platform gaming to grow their user base fast.

Another game on the Epic Games Store that enjoys massive appeal is Grand Theft Auto V. Released back in 2013, it lets gamers from different platforms play against each other. Many believe this open policy to be the reason for the massive success of GTA online.

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EA is shying away from making Battlefront 2 cross-platform enabled because of three apparent reasons:

  • Battlefront 2 has already matured, being a pretty old game. Perhaps, EA sees no further hope of making more money out of it. They recently announced their decision to release no other updates to the game as they believe it is very near the end of its product life cycle.
  • Battlefront III – There is a lot of talk about a rumored development of a third installment. The best guess is that the new version will be drastically different, rendering EA’s possible intent of enticing users to try the new game clearer.

The two strategies combined have the potential of essentially increasing the user base many times over, while luring old gamers onto Battlefront III. New gamers will keep coming in meanwhile.

  • EA has already faced a massive controversy over the loot boxes in its original release that let people buy items with real money to gain an unfair advantage.

A Reddit user complained that many heroes in the game were way too difficult to access purely on the merit of one’s gameplay. Responding to this backlash, EA stated in a related article that they made the game tough to let players enjoy a sense of achievement.

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However, this clarification of their good faith didn’t help EA much. They recalled the system later on. But not before the Belgian government initiated an inquiry into the game for violating their anti-gambling laws. They also issued a general advisory for parents to keep an eye on what games their kids play.

With console makers being very particular about the content and mechanics of games, and social interaction between gamers on their platforms, we think EA perhaps didn’t make Battlefront II cross platform play available to avoid further controversy.

The Silver Lining – Why is it not all that bad?

EA’s decision may not be even that bad.

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  • For a fast-paced shooter like Starwars Battlefront II with extensive modern warfare mechanics built-in, there is always a mismatch between a PC gamer and one on a console. Let’s face it; as things stand today in terms of control technology, a mouse and a keyboard is way better for single-shot headshots.
pc gamers reddit
PC Gamers Have An Unfair Advantage in Shooting Games
  • Conversely, consoles are closed systems with more rules in terms of engagement and the content they support. In the past too, making games cross-platform has caused controversy, with consoles heavily regulating releases on their platforms

The open-end vs. close-end debate will never end. It’s more of a personal choice than a hard fact. We believe EA has taken a step in the right direction in not adding more fuel to the issue by not supporting cross platform gaming on Battlefront 2.

A Parting Gift – The Little Cross Play Secret That BattleFront II supports

While cross play between different gaming platforms may not be possible, Battlefront lets you play with Steam players even if you bought the game on Origin (Electronic Arts’ proprietary distribution service for online games).

So you still have some nice little wiggle room that gives you a wider base of players you can challenge.

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battlefront 2 on steam and origin


Q. Can Xbox and PS4 play Battlefront 2 together?

No, users of Xbox and PS4 can’t play the game together as the game doesn’t support cross play.

Q. Can PC and PS4 play Battlefront 2 together?

No, you can’t play Battlefront 2 with someone on a PC if you are on PS4 and vice versa.

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Q. Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 Crossplay Steam and Origin enabled?

Yes, you can crossplay Battlefront 2 on Steam and Origin as the former uses Origin to launch the game.