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IPTV and Video Phone Calling Services announced by Aksh Optifibre and MTNL

MTNL, Aksh logos Aksh Optifibre in collaboration with MTNL has launched IPTV- A Tel and Video Phone Calling Services in Mumbai, India. All Mumbai-based MTNL broadband subscribers will soon be able to take advantage of the advantages of these IPTV and Video Phone Calling services.

A-Tel, an Interactive Personalized Television (IPTV) service from Aksh Optifibre offers television programming which comes with a high quality reception and several add on features like time-shift television, video on demand etc., while the V Spyk is a real time Video Phone Calling service and enables users to have more personalized conversations.

The main advantage of the IPTV is that users will be able to integrate television broadcast with other IP-based services like high speed Internet access and voice-over-internet – all accessible on the television set.

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R.S. P Sinha, CMD, MTNL, said, “Consumers expect services that are both innovative and affordable from MTNL. With the endless possibilities available with IPTV, and Video Phone Calling services, the expectations will be fulfilled. MTNL has tied up with Aksh for the achievement of such targets and objectives for providing the best services for optimum consumer satisfaction.”

The A-Tel stand-alone service will be available in Mumbai at Rs.1000, which includes a reimbursable security deposit with six months of subscription free. On the other hand, the combo-deal of A-Tel and V Spyk can be purchased for Rs. 1460.

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