ODDIO1 cord-free headphones project for iPod shuffle unveiled

 ODDIO1 Chord-free Headphones

It looks like the ODDIO1 cord-free headphones for the iPod shuffle could give users some added flexibility during those workout sessions. Owing to its design, Apple’s mini music player can be conveniently mounted onto the device, eliminating the need for lengthy cords.

Designed by Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall, the headphone concept has made its way onto Kickstarter in the hopes of hitting the production line sometime soon. The main objective here is to provide users a comfortable and cord-free experience even during activities such as snowboarding, going to the gym or taking a run around the park. Though Bluetooth headsets may offer a similar function, it’s just not the same thing.

Oddio1 Chord-free Headphones 1

Concept wise, the design takes off from available extensions like an armband, states Ubergizmo and in this case it presents itself as a hassle-free workout companion. The main form factor comprises of nylon plastic and is coated with high-grade silicon on the outer chassis and the inner cushion. Connecting the iPod shuffle to the accessory is simple; all users need to do is slide the device into the precisely cut slot and plug the audio jack in. Additionally, the buttons can be conveniently accessed without the need for removing the iPod from its housing.

The ODDIO1 price tags for pre-order read as $35 for a single unit or $65 and $95 for two and three pieces, respectively. There’s also a Limited Edition Package in the exclusive Cupertino Colorway option, which can be booked for $200. However, the device not likely to shift into production until its goal of $45,000 in funds is achieved within the next 54 days. The accessory will be available in color variations such as grey with black, black and blue or black and pink.