First Proof of concept virus for iPods running Linux, discovered by Kaspersky Labs

iPod Russian software security company, has detected the first ever virus created to infect iPod portable media players. The virus, dubbed Podlosco, is a proof of concept program that does not pose a real threat.

Podlosco is a file which can be launched and run on an iPod. It is important to note that for the virus to function, it is necessary for Linux to be deployed on the iPod. If the virus is installed on the iPod by the user, the virus then installs itself to the folder which comprises program demo versions. There are some Linux antivirus programs available, like AVG from Grisoft and BitDefender, so once they add the Podloso definition it should be removable.

Podlosco cannot be launched without user involvement.

Once launched, the Podlosco virus scans the device’s hard disk and infects all executable .elf format files. Any attempt to launch these files will result in the virus to display a message on the screen, which reads “You are infected with Oslo the first iPodLinux Virus”.

Podlosco is a typical proof of concept virus. Such viruses are designed to show that it is possible to infect a specific platform. Such viruses do not have a malicious payload, and even Podlosco does not.

“Podloso has no malicious payload, and does not present a real threat; it simply demonstrates that it is, theoretically possible to create malicious programs for such devices,” said Kaspersky officials.