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iPhones upgraded to iOS 9.1 facing problems with Touch ID sensors

If you’re an iPhone user facing problems with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on your device, it’s most likely that the iOS 9.1 update is to be blamed. Apple is yet to respond to this issue, but even if it does, affected users will need to wait until the next update in order to have their fingerprint scanners fixed.

iPhones as well as iPads which come with Touch ID sensors have been found to be suffering from this bug. The iOS 9.1 update which was released on October 21, has messed up the fingerprint scanning functionality in such a way that at times it acts slow, fails to recognize the prints or simply doesn’t work at all.

The Apple support forum is filled with various users reporting issues with their Touch ID sensors at the moment. What’s more they haven’t been able to find a temporary fix for this problem as well.


Unfortunately, the Touch ID bug is not the only thing in iOS 9.1 that has spelled trouble for Apple. This software has also brought with it a Wi-Fi Assist feature which involuntarily switches to data connectivity when the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

Since this trait is turned on by default, a large number of iPhone users have reported that they were shocked to see their data consumption shoot up suddenly. This also invited a class action lawsuit from a couple living in Florida, which asked Apple to compensate affected users by paying $5 million.

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And with the Touch ID problem having arisen as well, Apple will need to issue an update to iOS 9.1 immediately. Let us now wait and watch when that happens.