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iPhone XS Max catches fire in man’s pocket, Apple offers to replace it

iphone xs max fire
Image credit: J. Hillard/iDrop News

2018 wrapped up with a third incident of an Apple device catching fire, an iPhone XS Max this time. An Ohio man identified as Josh Hillard was hanging around in his company’s break room when he smelled something odd and felt a “large amount of heat” burning the part of his skin in contact with his pants pocket. The iPhone XS Max in his pocket had allegedly caught fire and was emitting green and yellow smoke.

Hillard reportedly ran to the boardroom and whipped off his shoes and pants, while one of the vice presidents from his company who heard his screams, put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. He was left with a burnt iPhone, a hole in his pants, pain/irritation on his backside and fire extinguisher residue on his clothes and shoes. So what did Apple offer Hillard for his troubles? A replacement iPhone XS Max apparently.

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This is not the first occurrence of an expensive device spontaneously bursting into fire. An iPhone X supposedly exploded while it was being upgraded to iOS 12.1, back in November. In early 2018, a man’s AirPods blew up while he was working out at the gym. Such incidences are not restricted to Apple-branded products. Samsung too has a history of exploding phones, the most infamous of all culminating in the company’s recall of the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016.

iphone x catches fire
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Safety rules to follow while using phones:

– Never use a third-party charger even though handsets internally regulate how much power they pull in.
– Don’t use your phone while it is being charged; or use it in hands-free mode in case you absolutely must.
– Don’t keep it in your pockets. If you must, don’t put it in your back pocket where it is likely to get overheated from you sitting on it.
– Never keep your phone near you or electronic devices while you’re napping.
– If you notice any external damage to your phone, take it for a checkup since even minor damage to the circuit board can cause the device to explode.
– Pay attention to whether your smartphone is overheating for no reason.

Meanwhile, Hillard has told iDrop News that he isn’t happy about Apple only offering to replace his busted 3-week old iPhone XS Max. He wants to be compensated for the clothes and shoes damaged by the flaming iOS smartphone as well as the cost of his wireless service which went unused while he was seeking restitution from Apple.