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iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr hands-on photos leak

iPhone Xs Leak
Image Credit: Weibo

Apple’s new iPhones are set to arrive soon, just in time for a couple of leaks to slip by and provide a sneak peek. The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr have both gotten spotted in the wild, but we’re not sure how authentic the images are.

The iPhone Xs in the photos above looks real enough at first glance. They debuted on Weibo and later got shared by Slashleaks. However, it’s possible this is just an iPhone X with the same bubble wallpaper seen in an earlier leak. One commentator on Slashleaks even provided a link to the wallpaper and labeled the photo as a fake.

iPhone Xs Speculation

It’s not a surprise that people are so easily able to fake photos of the iPhone Xs. The handset is set to look exactly like its 5.8-inch OLED predecessor. One major external change is the switch to a new gold color option. Internally, we’re expecting a faster Apple A12 processor and updated 12MP dual cameras.

iPhone Xr Leak
Image Credit: Hi-Tech Mail

The second iPhone to hit the internet is the iPhone Xr, courtesy Hi-Tech Mail. Here, we see just a small portion of the device’s back. The smartphone clearly has a bigger camera than the iPhone 8, so this leak might just be authentic. Whether it’s an actual unit or just a dummy model is up for debate though.

The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone has been called many things, from iPhone 9 to iPhone Xc. It’s shaping up to be an interesting beast, functioning as a hybrid between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The back looks like the iPhone 8, but the front looks like the iPhone X. It has the same aluminum frame as the iPhone 8, but the Face ID technology of the iPhone X.

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Nobody seems to know how much Apple is going to ask for it 2018 iPhones. Some say they’re going to be cheaper, others say they’re going to be just as or more expensive than last year. We’ll find out for sure at 10 am PT or 10:30 pm IST when the launch event for the devices kicks off.