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iPhone X’s Face ID can’t be used for family purchases

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Apple went out of its way to highlight how much more superior Face ID was to Touch ID when it announced the iPhone X. However, there is one area in which the latter trumps the former.

iPhone X owners have taken to Apple’s forums to highlight a strange problem – they can’t use Face ID for the “Ask to Buy” tool. The feature lets parents approve their child’s purchases and downloads on iOS. It’s pretty useful since it allows them to have a degree of control over what their kids are buying.

Before the iPhone X arrived with its facial recognition skills, parents could simply utilize Touch ID to approve requests. It seems Face ID isn’t quite as compatible with Ask to Buy since it’s nowhere to be found as an option. Instead, users have to type in their Apple ID password every time a purchase is made.

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This can get pretty frustrating for parents with multiple children and little time to spare to input long-winded passwords. It’s not even a new issue since several people have been complaining about it since November. Apple hasn’t said anything about the omission yet.

While it’s not clear why Apple chose to forego Face ID for Ask to Buy, there is one theory which could explain things. The authentication method is known to fail when it comes to kids under 13 as their features aren’t fully developed yet. Perhaps the company didn’t want to risk a child gaining access to their parent’s iPhone X.

Still, there’s no reason why Apple couldn’t have provided the option and let parents weigh in on the risk. Hopefully, it’ll pay heed to their grievances and introduce it as an option soon.