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iPhone XR beats Google Pixel 2 in single-camera DxOMark ranking

iPhone XR

The iPhone XR has been in the news a lot lately, mostly for negative reasons like poor sales. Here with some good news for the smartphone is DxOMark. The photography site has placed the device right at the top of its single-camera phone ranks, pushing the Google Pixel 2 down to second place in the process.

The iPhone XR scored 101 overall, hitting the 103 mark in photos and 96 in videos. DxOMark was all praise for the 12MP single lens at the back of the handset, even stating that the quality is comparable to the more expensive iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

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iPhone XR Camera: As Good As iPhone XS?

The one area where the iPhone XR can’t really compare to its siblings is telephoto and bokeh shots. This is to be expected since the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have dual cameras to help out with zooming and Portrait Mode. Nevertheless, the cheaper iPhone appears to have done a good enough job for a single-lens device.

Highlights include solid exposure and wide dynamic range in both bright and indoor lighting, fast and accurate autofocus, and a great noise/detail balance. Colors were found to be vivid and pleasant. Apple favors a cooler white balance outdoors, but leans towards a warmer one indoors.

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Problems start occurring when it comes to areas like artifacts. The iPhone XR has issues with ringing, the moiré effect, flare in backlit shots, and minor color quantization. Portrait Mode snaps apparently have an artificial feel. Zoom images are low in detail, while fine grain luminance noise can be seen in indoor and low-light conditions.

Still, the iPhone XR did well enough to surpass the Pixel 2 thanks to better noise and artifact management. We’ll see how long it lasts at the top once DxOMark’s Pixel 3 review shows up.

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