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Is the iPhone X really better than the iPhone 8?

iPhone X Hands On It is customary for the technology giant Apple to introduce new devices every fall and they continued the custom during the WWDC held recently on September 12, 2017. Apple announced the release of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and the iPhone X. Fresh releases from Apple are always sought after but this time the lines were shorter for the iPhone 8 giving an impression that people were looking forward to the iPhone X which is slated for release in November. Is the iPhone X a better device than the iPhone 8?

Let us consider the differences between the two devices.

The Processors In The New Versions Are Similar To All Three Models

The three iPhones all have similar processors and therefore the performance among the three is likely to be identical. Apple has included some additional features and the iPhones remain just as fast. The new introductions have been powered by the A11 bionic chip, a neural engine and are also equipped with the M11 motion coprocessor. Therefore the only difference, which is notable, is the new face ID system in the iPhone X. The new introductions all run on the fresh iOS 11 software giving the impression that whatever you do with the iPhone 8 will be similar to what you do on iPhone X.

The Reliability Of the Face ID System Is Unknown

The success of the face ID system is still unknown despite being introduced way back in 2013 when the iPhone 5S was released. Apple has been introducing innovative ideas and even lets you unlock your phone by using your fingerprint and also a password. Face ID is another feature introduced by Apple which has until this moment not been tested by the masses. Apple, however, claims that they face ID will be more secure than the touch ID and can even be used for uk slots in darkness or even when you change your facial features for any reason.

iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 8

The New iPhones All Support Fast And Wireless Charging

If you intend to use the new charging methods which have been introduced you must also be prepared to spend some extra money. The three introductions are supporting the new QI-wireless charging which is also fast. However, the charging pads will cost you an extra $25-$75. You can also use the lightning to USB-C cable along with a compatible charger for fast charging. After spending nearly $1000 for the iPhone X another 10% for the charges shouldn’t be considered as a major expenditure.

The Front and Rear Cameras Of the New iPhones Are All Similar Or Almost

The iPhone 8 And The iPhone 8+ have amazing friend cameras that can take 7 megapixel photographs, have an aperture of F/2.2 and video capability of 1080P. The iPhone X has an exclusive software feature that allows capturing pictures in portrait mode from the front camera and also has portrait lighting, which lets you remove any stuff from the background. The Animoji feature allows you to send emojis based on your facial expressions and also includes your voice with them. The only change in the rear cameras is the position of the cameras. The iPhone 8 does not have an additional telephoto lens, which is helpful in keeping the image quality even when you are zooming. The iPhone X is the only version that has optical image stabilization for wide-angle and telephoto shots, which can give shopper images even in conditions where the light is diminishing.

The iPhone X Is the Most Expensive Of the Three

The iPhone X is priced at $999 while the iPhone 8 is available for $699 and $799. The devices are all expensive but would you be prepared to spend an additional $300 simply to have the iPhone X? Remember you also need to spend an additional 10% for the charging pads, which is not included in the prices of the iPhone.