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iPhone X ranks second behind Pixel 2 on DxOMark charts

iPhone X Photo

DxOMark has come out with its iPhone X camera test results, surprising no one in declaring that the phone performed pretty well with an overall score of 97. Not as well as the Pixel 2 though, since the Google offering still sits pretty at the number one spot thanks to a score of 98.

The iPhone X excelled when it came to still photos, hitting an industry-best high of 101. It beat out both the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in this area by 1 point. The handset also performed better than the iPhone 8 Plus when it came to Zoom, Exposure, Texture, Color, Artifacts, and Noise.

DxOMark highlighted the iPhone X’s accurate color rendering and white balance in all types of lighting environments, good detail preservation while zooming, natural-looking bokeh effects, solid exposure with fast convergence during lighting changes in videos, effective stabilization, and fast and accurate autofocus in videos.

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However, DxOMark also acknowledged that autofocus while shooting images could be a little slow occasionally and there was a slight loss in sharpness during video tracking in low light. It further noted that flash-only shots could result in underexposed snaps with red-eye and moving objects could give way to ghosting artifacts.

The iPhone X didn’t do as well in videos, scoring 89 points in the category thanks to the above mentioned cons. That’s what lead to an overall score of 97. It’s now sharing the second place ranking with the Mate 10.