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iPhone X Plus to boast of iPad-like landscape mode

iPhone X iPhone X Plus Messages
Image Credit: iHelp BR

Out of the 3 new iPhones expected to arrive this year, the iPhone X Plus has got a lot of people excited. It’s said to be getting dual-SIM support and a much bigger 6.5-inch screen, perfect for those who prefer Apple’s Plus range.

Turns out, Apple is bringing one of the most popular features of its Plus series to the new iPhone X Plus – landscape mode. Just like the iPad, the handset’s display will split into 2 parts when turned sideways in certain apps. Many people were disappointed that the 5.8-inch iPhone X couldn’t do this in spite of having a larger screen than 4.7-inch standard iPhones.

iPhone X iPhone X Plus Calendar
Image Credit: iHelp BR

It looks like Apple is reserving this functionality for its Plus iPhones only. Brazilian site iHelp BR has now confirmed this after it gathered data from the most recent beta builds of iOS 12 and Xcode. Rumors so far claim that the iPhone X Plus will have a screen resolution of 2688 x 1242p.

iPhone X Plus Landscape Mode Apps

Keeping this in mind, the publication forced the iOS Simulator tool to run at a resolution of 2688 x 1242p at a 458ppi. It found that many of Apple’s native apps switched to a landscape mode when switching between orientations. This list includes the Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Stocks, and Messages applications.

The report even compared the iPhone X to the iPhone X Plus to give a clearer idea of the differences between the two. On the surface, the pair look the same, but it seems Apple will be making clear differentiations between the duo internally at least.

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For instance, word on the street is that the iPhone X (2018) won’t have dual-SIM support, but the iPhone X Plus and 6.1-inch LCD iPhone 9 might. A recent report found evidence of dual-SIM functionality inside the iOS 12 developer beta 5, but couldn’t pinpoint which iPhone would benefit from the feature.