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iPhone X Plus confirmed by Apple’s own software

iPhone X Plus Icon
Image Credit: Guilherme Rambo

There’s overwhelming evidence that Apple is planning to release a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone X Plus this year. However, none of that proof comes directly from the company itself. Here to change that is a tweet by noted Apple developer Guilherme Rambo.

Rambo’s post features 3 different icons discovered in the PassKitUIFoundation iOS 12 beta firmware. The one above is presumably the iPhone X Plus. Compared to the iPhone X below, the handset is much larger and taller. It’s also got a long side button which the iPhone X lacks.

iPhone X Square iPad
Image Credit: Guilherme Rambo

Apple is clearly not going to remove the side button from the iPhone X, so these icons are probably still in their early stages and not quite finished. One Twitter user pointed out that the iPhone X Plus’ right edge is thicker than its left edge, another indication that these glyphs aren’t final.

Apple 2018 iPad Rumors

Interestingly, the third image is said to be of the bezel-less 2018 iPad. The tablet is alarmingly square in the render with a button at the very top. Rambo thinks Apple rendered it as a square so that it can be adjusted for all sizes, so don’t go expecting a square iPad this year.

Old iPad New iPad
Image Credit: 9to5Mac

The developer actually came across a more realistic look at the iPad earlier this week when he found a small blue icon hidden inside the iOS 12 developer beta 5. The asset is apparently part of the battery usage UI. As compared to the conventional iPad on the left, the new iPad on the right has slimmer bezels and no home button.

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There’s no notch at the top, so it looks like cutouts are going to be an iPhone-only feature for now. The 9to5Mac report also mentions evidence of Apple allowing Face ID to unlock the iPad in both portrait and landscape mode.

There are a few who allege that facial recognition will only work upright, but it looks like this may not happen after all. The 2018 iPhones are expected to debut in September, while the 2018 iPads may follow in October.