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iPhone X, iPhone 8 support fast charging, but you’ll have to pay extra

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Fast charging is one of those highly-requested features that iPhone users have been asking for years at this point. Apple has finally given into their demands by adding the facility to the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. It claims the trio will gain 50% of power after just 30 minutes of fueling up.

However, there’s one major catch which should be considered before buying any of the 3. Fast charging is only possible with a compatible USB-C to Lightning cable and USB-C charger. Apple hasn’t bundled either accessory with the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

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Instead, each ships with Apple’s standard Lightning-to-USB cable and a 5W USB Power Adapter. This is understandably causing quite a backlash among individuals who think the company should have bundled the required fast charging accessories in the box itself instead of selling it separately.

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After all, several Android manufacturers already do so. A smartphone as premium as the iPhone X should come with all the perks given its $999 price tag. As it stands, anyone who wants to experience the benefits of fast charging will have to shell out $25 for Apple’s 1m USB-C to Lightning cable and $49 for its 29W USB-C Power Adapter.

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Apple’s decision may be explained to a certain extent by the fact that it’s utilizing USB Power Delivery to enable shorter charge times. The standard only works with USB-C. A regular USB-A cable wouldn’t be up to the task. Switching to the former might have resulted in a backlash of its own since most people don’t have USB-C ports on their laptops or third-party chargers.

Perhaps Apple should have come up with its own fast charging system that worked with USB-A instead of relying on USB Power Delivery. It chose not to, forcing users to pay through their nose for something which should be a given, not an option. Even the allure of wireless charging is somewhat dampened by the fact that the Qi mats are sold separately.

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