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iPhone X gets fooled by mask again

Face ID Mask

Vietnamese security firm Bkav is back again with a new video which showcases its latest attempt to fool Face ID. Last time round, it used a less complex mask made out of 3D printed materials. It’s upped things to a new level now with a more elaborate $200 mask constructed out of stone powder and 2D infrared images of the user’s eyes.

The demonstrator in the video starts out by deleting previous Face ID data and registering his face again. Both “Require Attention for Face ID” and “Attention Aware Features” are active, with the former forcing you to actually look at the iPhone X as an additional layer of security.

He then proceeds to open up the iPhone X with his own face before placing the handset in front of the mask. The handset easily unlocks at this point, without any failed tries or machine learning workarounds. The fact that it manages to thwart Require Attention for Face ID is pretty impressive since the tool is meant specifically to prevent images or masks from hacking the iPhone X.

YouTube video

Before you start worrying about people unlocking your iPhone X, you should keep in mind that all this requires a lot of effort, access to various materials, physical access to the device, and in-depth photos of your face to accurately recreate it in mask form. It’s unlikely that someone will go through all this effort just to get inside your handset.

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Nevertheless, Bkav has declared that Face ID isn’t secure enough for business AKA Apple Pay transactions. Perhaps Apple will keep all this in mind and improve Face ID’s accuracy with the 2018 iPhone, as it did with Touch ID over the years.