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iPhone X destroys top Android rivals on Geekbench

iPhone X A11 Bionic

Apple’s new iPhone typically smokes the competition every year when it comes to performance and 2017 has proven no different. The iPhone X seems to be on a different level entirely though, thanks to the blisteringly fast A11 Bionic processor.

The A11 Bionic consists of 6 cores, with 2 dedicated to performance and 4 for efficiency. Apple allows all 6 to be used at the same time, something which it chose not to do with the A10 Fusion. As a result, the iPhone X apparently boasts of 70% better performance than its predecessors.

This huge leap is probably why the iPhone X has been crowned the fastest smartphone in the world, at least by Geekbench standards. It managed to hit 10069 in its multi-core score and 4188 in its single-core one on the benchmarking site.

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This is far ahead of its closest Android competition and even the iPhone 7 Plus. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 came second in the multi-core test at 6784, but dropped down to fourth place in the single-core one at 1987. As for the iPhone 7 Plus, it went as high as 5664 in multi-core and 3473 in single-core.

If compared against last year’s iPhone, the iPhone X has nearly doubled its multi-core performance; no doubt due to Apple unlocking the A11 Bionic’s full potential. Impressively enough, the iPhone X has also managed to beat the A10X Fusion-running iPad Pro on Geekbench.

Even the 13-inch 2017 MacBook Pro boasts of a lower 9602 score in the multi-core test, though it gets back on top with a 4592 single-core one. It should be noted that benchmarks aren’t the best way to measure real-life performance, but in the case of the iPhone X it’s safe to say it’ll still be faster than any smartphone before it.