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iPhone X gets huge Rs 12000 cashback offer

iPhone X Screen

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are only a day away from arriving in India, but they’re probably too expensive for most folks. Thankfully, there are a number of older iPhones being offered at a discount now that new iPhones are taking their place.

Paytm’s iPhone Super Sale is selling the 64GB iPhone X at Rs 89986, down 6% from its original Rs 95390 price tag. Apple actually slashed iPhone rates after the launch of the iPhone XS pair, so the iPhone X’s official cost is actually Rs 91900 right now.

Paytm iPhone Cashback Offer

In any case, Paytm is bundling a Rs 12000 cashback offer with the iPhone X so you only have to pay Rs 77986 for it. You’ll get an extra 10% off if you have an American Express Card handy. You can also strike up to Rs 18000 off from the cost as part of an exchange deal. The iPhone 8 Plus appears to be the only smartphone which is eligible for the maximum cashback.

Speaking of the 64GB iPhone 8 and 64GB iPhone 8 Plus, both phones are up for grabs with a Rs 9000 cashback promise. The former goes from Rs 61399 to Rs 52399, while the latter drops from Rs 64999 to Rs 55999. There’s a relatively small Rs 3600 difference between the two. For that much more, you’ll get a larger 5.5-inch screen, dual cameras, and a bigger battery.

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On the other end of the scale is the 32GB iPhone SE. The tiny 4-incher is being sold at Rs 20999 and falls to Rs 17990 after a Rs 3000 cashback. Apple actually discontinued the handset in India, so it may disappear after stocks are depleted.

Paytm is also vending the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The first starts at Rs 99900 and the second at Rs 109900. Both are available with an extra Rs 7000 exchange bonus, so you can get up to Rs 25000 off if you have an iPhone 8 Plus to exchange.

You can check out the rest of Paytm’s iPhone Super Sale here.