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7 Best iPhone Video Editing Apps

iPhone Video Editing Apps

The following best iPhone video editing apps have especially been listed for those who wish to make the most of their multitasking smartphones. The Apple device is capable of not only recording high definition movies, but also editing them, albeit with a little assistance from applications available on iTunes. So if you have always wished to add that creative element to your videos, you should take a look at our list best options and install the tool that suits you the best.

1 – iMovie:


iMovie, designed by Apple, can be employed for the purpose of making movies or Hollywood-style trailers that can instantly be shared with friends. It lets you enhance your clips with photos, music, or audio effects and allows you to choose a trailer from 12 available options which come with the app. Moreover, you can customize logos, names and credits as well.

Besides trailers, there are 8 themes complete with music, titles and transitions to get you started on your movie. And once you are done, it can be published to websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, CNN iReport or Facebook. Content can even be emailed or streamed to an HDTV using the phone’s AirPlay feature.

Price: $4.99

2 – Vyclone:


The next entry on our catalog is Vyclone, which has garnered some praise for its ability to come up with unique movies. Its most useful feature is that it uses an event’s footage from multiple sources and merges them together in a single clip.

And if you do not like the application’s editing, you have the choice to edit the raw footage by yourself and remix all clippings again for that perfect video. The ‘filming genius’ also makes it easy for you to share your movies with friends.

Price: Free

3 – Vintagio:


Now if you want to recreate effects of the past in your movies, you should definitely take a look at Vintagio. Meant for amateurs as well as seasoned editors, the app comes with Express mode, where all you have to do is choose settings and the application edits the clip in minutes, and Pro mode in which you can use various tools to edit the movie yourself. It is loaded with 7 filters, 11 original soundtracks, several transitions and title cards and more. You can alter the speed and trim the movie, or even refer to other people’s projects through the online library.

Price: $1.99

4 – Magisto:


The developers of Magisto describe it as a private moviemaker that does not require you to be an exceptional editor in order to make movies. All you have to do is record a clipping and upload it and this alternative from our lineup will take care of the rest.

The automatic software is powered by the AI technology and boasts of attributes like facial recognition, camera stabilizer, filters, effects and transitions amongst others. Background music can either be added from your iPod or iPhone playlists or from Magisto’s library that features licensed songs.

Price: Free

5 – Videolicious:

VOption 5

Completely rebuilt to ensure easy and faster video creation, this program can assist you with the task of creating movies by combining your pictures and clippings. Various cinematic filters have been added to the application, and it now allows you to filter multiple pictures or clips at the same time. You can seamlessly record your narration and even add music or included cinematic soundtracks to your movies.

It lets you preview the combination so you can see how your project is turning out. The tool’s sharing option allows you to upload the resulting video on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or email video postcards to friends.

Price: Free

6 – Camera Plus Pro:

Camera Plus Pro

The next application on our roundup boasts of multiple features and a simple interface that team up to create movies out of your recorded footage. It brings as many as 9 filters along with other attributes like anti-shake stabilization, smooth zoom, time-lapse movie capture and more. The software also promises to instantly capture and save your videos so you do not end up losing them.

Moreover, the multitasking software also works with pictures. Like most other similar tools, Camera Plus Pro permits you to share your movies through social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter as well as YouTube, amongst others.

Price: $1.99

7 – Video Editor for Free:

Option 7

And the final contender on our compilation lets you create slideshows by adding photos, music, voice overs and transitions as well as movies by editing or merging various clips on your device. Apart from standard trimming, this tool comes with the tap function to ensure frame-by-frame trimming for more accurate results. You can either record clips or use the ones that are saved on your Camera Roll to merge them using the drag and drop feature and create a movie of up to 10 minutes. Integration with social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter facilitates uploading edited movies to these sites. You can even send the movies via e-mail.

Price: Free


So whether you want to make professional-looking movies or add a touch of creativity to your clippings, these best iPhone video editing apps will definitely come to your rescue. Considering that all these applications have their own USPs, you can choose the one that you think is perfect for the kind of editing you wish to carry out on your Apple smartphone. Do let us know about the software you plan to download, or if you are using another tool that is equally good, feel free to tell us about it.

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