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iPhone Update 1.1.3 Now Available via iTunes

iPhone Updated 1.1.3 Available With the new MacBook Air notebook, Apple also introduced other allied things at MacWorld. One of them is iPhone update 1.1.3, which was speculated a few days back.

The most innovative feature that the 1.1.3 update adds is the iTunes Movie Rental. Movie lovers can now rent movies on their computer and can transfer it on iPhone. It also allows users to navigate backward and forward through the movie by chapters. They can even alternate language tracks and view subtitles if it is available.

The 1.1.3 software update includes upgrade of Map application on iPhone. The upgraded iPhone Maps feature easier interface hence is simpler to use. The new Maps are added with some exciting features. The iPhone is now capable of triangulating users’ position through nearby Wi-Fi base stations or cellular towers. Users will be able to see hybrid view combining Satellite and Maps views.

Additionally the new update will allow iPhone users to create web clips-icon on the home screen, which will lead to the favorite websites. Users can save websites visited often here. What is more exciting is the update 1.1.3 allows users to customize home screen with repositioning icons. Users can even create up to nine icons and flick between them.

The text SMS ability is also enhanced by the new updates. Now users can send a text message to multiple users. The phone will also save SMS history for the convenience of users.

The latest iPhone update is available for free via iTunes 7.5 or later. iPhone users in the US, UK, Germany and France can download fresh updates.