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8 Best iPhone Travel Apps

Best iPhone Travel Apps

The 8 best iPhone travel apps that we’re about to mention are sure to get you out of those fancy hotels and make the most out of your holidays. Once you’ve hit the street, it’s likely that you’re going to need some help to get around the place more conveniently. And we for one, don’t prefer having our readers in a pool of inconvenience. So we’ve got a list full of applications to assist you in planning, locating fine places to dine, finding out what the weather’s going to be like and reading the country’s native tongues.

1. Wi-Fi Finder –

Option 1

Searching for wireless hotspots in a city could really be a hassle, especially when you’re in some unknown country. So to assist you in conveniently locating internet access points, we’ve got the Wi-Fi Finder app in our iPhone travel apps roster that’s sure to make things much easier for you. Through the handset’s GPS feature, this application is capable of listing out the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots as well as directions to get there. If you’ve signed up with certain providers such as Comcast, you can refine your search results to only display connections from specific companies. The filter option can also be configured based on particular locations such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and much more.

2. Travel Money Monkey –

Option 2

One of the most common problems faced by travelers is money conversion. And if you’re amongst those who prefer looking up for an official price listing before making any exchanges, you might want to give our second contender a go. What brings this application to our iPhone travel apps catalog is its capability of providing accurate foreign currency rates through an hourly update schedule, especially if you’re visiting the UK or are a resident of that country riding to another destination. You can view the value of the GBP and compare prices with 90 foreign currencies. And to provide you with some good deals, Collection as well as Delivery modes are stated to compare exchange rates from High Street bureau exchange outlets and cash by delivery only bureaus. The attached price tag reads at £0.69 on the App Store.

3. TripAdvisor

Option 3

Want a tour assistant? There’s no need to consult locals, now that TripAdvisor has got a bunch of reviews, opinions, hotels, restaurants and attractions within its offerings. This intuitive application hosts a number of tools to get you in on some of the best places based on you location. If you’re not too sure about a destination, the Virtual tour option provides a street-level view of hotels, restaurants, and various other attractions. Low budget holidays can also be accommodated by searching for cheap flights worldwide straight from within the app.

4. AccuWeather


Is tomorrow going to be sunny or will it rain? Well, we’re no meteorologists to determine climate changes. But with the AccuWeather application you could keep your hopes high knowing that no uncertain changes in the environment are going to rain on your holidays. Unlike most other apps, this one comes highly integrated into iOS. And through that, you can sync your settings as well as locations with iCloud, preview forecasts within the Notification Center’s drop-down menu and even maintain weather conditions of around 15 days in your calendar. Now we know that uncertainties come unexpected. And keeping that in mind, the company has included a threat system through which warnings are provided for snow and ice downfalls, heavy rains, thunderstorms as well as tornadoes. We’re not so sure about you, but we’d rather be safe than sorry.

5. Word Lens –

Option 5

The Word Lens application might not have many features in its offerings, but its basic provisions are adequate enough for us to hoist it as one of the best travel apps. The general idea behind this application is to assist you in finding your way around. With a little help of the handset’s camera, you will be able to conveniently translate various languages into natively known ones in real time. At present, it can only identify clearly printed texts like those found on signboards and menus and not handwriting or stylized fonts. Also, based on your holiday destination, you can purchase language packs straight from within the app.

6. Yelp

Option 6

Yelp is another free app that we’d recommend as an all-in-one assistant. You can not only make reservations on OpenTable from within this application, but also quickly search for various businesses to serve your every need. So be it a gas station or a good joint to eat at, a mall to shop at or a bar to drink and relax at, you’ll always know where to go and at any possible time. The feature list doesn’t end just yet. It lets you look up addresses as well as phone numbers, provides directions on a map and even lets you share check-ins with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

7. Gate Guru –

Option 7

At times, airline statuses tend to change without sufficient prior notice. But now that Gate Guru hoists the choicest iPhone travel apps flag as well, you can conveniently track your flight details from the comfort of a smartphone. To keep you informed well in advance, push notifications deliver important announcements and flight updates. This application lets you access TripIt and Kayak itineraries, airport security waiting in real time, view ratings, reviews, tips and photos of airports or bookmark amenities to save time researching. And if you’ve got a competitive nature, the leaderboard seems to be the right place to have your name displayed amongst other high flyers.

8. OpenTable

Option 8

Looking for good places to dine at? With OpenTable, all you’ve got to do is specify the date, time and number of companions to obtain a list of available restaurants around the area. Queries can be listed out based on your current location, table availability and even name. Results obtained are viewable on a map as well. Also, if your doubting side starts acting up, user generated ratings and reviews could help you decide much better. There are a number of other features like email invites, reward points as well as a complete history of past reservations that can be availed of by registering for free membership.

So there you have it – the best iPhone travel apps ever. Now what we need you to do to is pick a few from our list and witness for yourself how an iDevice can turn into a viable holiday assistant. Also, do let us know which of these aforesaid applications are going to accompany you on your holidays.