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Watch: iPhone survives 450-foot drop from amusement park ride

iPhone Fall Ride
Image Credit: Attractions Magazine

iPhones seem to be falling out of the sky and escaping unharmed these days. First we heard about a woman who dropped her iPhone while flying on a biplane and now there’s a new report out about a woman whose iPhone 7 Plus slipped out of her hand on an amusement park ride in Orlando, Florida.

It wasn’t just any amusement park ride either. Cansel Yildirim was on the StarFlyer, the world’s tallest swing at 450 feet above the ground. Riders aren’t actually supposed to take any loose items with them when they’re on the ride since it can fall and potentially hit someone on the head.

YouTube video

That’s not what happened in this case, thankfully. Once on the ride, Yildirim started filming the experience with a man seated next to her. She drops her iPhone 7 Plus at about the 35 second mark in the video above as she loosens her grip and screams in horror.

iPhone Continues Shooting

The iPhone 7 Plus managed to keep its wits together and continued filming despite its rapid descent. It makes for some pretty cool footage as it spins around and around until it hit the ground. It didn’t strike out at this point either, doggedly filming the StarFlyer swinging around while its owner sat far above.

Yildirim naturally thought her iPhone 7 Plus was a goner, smashed into a million pieces. She decided to go ahead and look for it anyway using Find My iPhone. Miraculously, she found it intact in the parking lot by the ride, with only a few scuffs and scratches to indicate what it had gone through.

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She hadn’t even placed a case around the iPhone, making the fall even more impressive (the case above was added after the incident). The aforementioned woman on the plane went through a similar ordeal, dropping her iPhone 1000 feet up in the air and finding it through Find My iPhone.