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iPhone stuck after iOS 10 update? Check this out

iPhone Recovery Mode

iPhone users were dreading this day would come and it’s almost here – Apple is rumored to stop supporting its older smartphones and tablets in the iOS 10.3.2 update. Word is that it won’t work on any model older that the iPhone 5S. This move is set to affect millions of 5C, 5 and older iOS devices across the world.

iOS 10.3.2 is expected to ask for a 64-bit processor as the minimum hardware requirement, covering iPhone 5S, SE, and 6 and 7 series models. Currently, if you have a newer iPhone and haven’t updated it in a long time, the 10.3.1 upgrade is available for download and installation through your Settings icon.

From Settings, go to General and then click on Software Update to do so. We’ve managed to update our devices to the latest available version of iOS without any glitches. But just in case your phone freezes or gets stuck after you’ve installed iOS 10, try the troubleshooting tips mentioned below.

Open the latest downloaded version of iTunes on your PC and force your iPhone 6s or earlier model, iPad or iPod touch to restart by simultaneously pressing and holding down the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons till the recovery mode screen (see first image) appears.

iOS System Recovery

On the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Volume down keys until the recovery mode screen pops up. You’ll get an option to Restore or Update; choose the second option. In case you find your iPhone stuck in recovery mode, connect it to your PC.

Hold down the Power and Home buttons until iTunes prompts you to restore your device from backup files. This won’t save content you forgot to back up. But there are several iOS System Recovery options to help with this while keeping your data if you’re willing to cough up.

It’s way simpler than it sounds and you’ll feel rewarded, we promise. Of course, there are always Apple support centers to visit in case you’re not keen on solving the issue yourself.