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7 iPhone storage hacks that will change your life

iPhone storage hacks To Improve Your iPhone Storage

Managing storage is a huge task for iPhone users who buy the cheaper 16GB models, and for them, we’ve prepared a list of iPhone storage hacks that can be used in order to better handle the space crunch. The dreaded ‘Storage Almost Full’ notification can arrive out of nowhere, and frustrate the hell out of you.

iPhone storage hacks

It’s hence necessary to explore all the possible ways of freeing up storage when you most need it. The options we’ve talked about in this list of iPhone storage hacks users contain extremely simple solutions to the big problem. You can choose to take advantage of any of the storage hacks which suit your convenience. Let’s have a look at them then.

1 – Don’t be a text hoarder


People often have the habit of keeping their text messages undeleted just in case they need them in the future for redeeming a million dollars in lottery perhaps. Truth is all of our text messages are useless, and you are being too lazy if you haven’t been deleting them regularly.

They don’t hog up a lot of storage, but when there’s a crunch, deleting all of them will definitely free up a considerable amount of space. You can even use a setting to auto-delete the messages by going to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages and choosing the best option that suits you.

2 – Kill the history


iPhone storage hacks are very useful for those of you happen to use Safari a lot, chances are your browser history has accumulated over a long period of time. Clearing it is necessary in order to squeeze out some much-needed storage from your iPhone.

You can do that by entering Settings > Safari and scrolling down to get into the Privacy and Security section. Here, just hit the Clear History and Website Data option in order to free up some space. You’d be surprised at finding out how much storage is cleared by this feature.

3 – Axe those apps


We are quite liberal when downloading iPhone apps especially because most of the basic ones are free nowadays. But there are only a select few ones which we actually find to be useful in our daily lives. All others are more often than not lying unused in our iPhones.

Make sure to keep a regular check on such utilities so as to delete the unneeded ones every now and then. Apps are eating up more memory than ever these days, and hence deleting them means great news for storage conservation.

4 – Clear unwanted songs


iPhone storage hacks are also useful for those who love streaming music. Most people prefer to load up their devices with local music libraries. If you’re one of them you need to scrutinize your music and decided upon deleting some songs which you never actually listen to.

Some music may be old, some may be depressing and some may even have gotten boring by now. You should target these tracks and have them removed from your iPhones in order to create ample amount of free storage.

5 – Photos and videos


No doubt the biggest space hoggers on your iPhone are definitely the infinite photos and videos you keep clicking all the time. In order to free up space from your device, you can take care of them in a number of different ways, with the main one among them being regularly backing up the pictures and videos to your computers or external hard drives so that you can delete them from your phone.

Another great option is that of turning on Photo Stream in order to back them up to iCloud. You can then access these photos and videos via any Apple device. Google Photos is a third-party service which offers free unlimited storage, whereas other options like Dropbox and Google Drive can also be taken advantage of.

Optimize iPhone Storage is a feature you can find in Settings > Photos and Camera, which enables the device to store low-resolution optimized photos and videos locally, after backing up the original ones to iCloud. This also contributes to a lot of space saving.

6 – Avoid duplicates


If you’re an ardent photography buff, you might be using the HDR mode on your iPhone whenever you’re clicking appropriate pictures. When you’re capturing such images the device also ends up clicking a normal image of the same scene just in case the HDR photo doesn’t come out good enough.

This means you’ll get two photos of the same scene all the time. In order to avoid this, you can turn off this option by entering Settings > Photos & Camera, and deselect the Keep Normal Photo option. You can even go back into your albums and delete the double photos which have been clicked earlier.

7 – Control WhatsApp downloads


This addition to our iPhone storage hacks list is very easy to apply, yet will save you a lot of storage space. If every image or video you receive on WhatsApp is automatically downloaded onto your iPhone, this too could lead to a lot of storage consumption. There’s indeed a way to stop this and grab control over the exact media you wish to download onto your smartphone.

You can access this option through WhatsApp itself. You will need to enter its Settings menu and choose Chat settings in order to get to the Media auto-download feature. Here, you can command the app to stop automatically downloading the pictures and videos you receive from your friends and family. You can do the same with other instant messaging apps as well.