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Your iPhone has a secret emoticon keyboard

Kaomoji Keyboard

Apple is well known for hiding away hidden easter eggs in random places on the iPhone, rewarding those who try to uncover all its secrets. It turns out the company has been furtively concealing over 100 emoji from plain sight all this time.

These emoticons are not your standard-issue emoji which everyone utilizes. They’re special Japanese kaomoji ones which look similar to the basic :-) smileys except they’re easier to read thanks to its forward-facing alignment, eliminating the need to turn your head. Of course, it’s possible the emojis are not a big secret over in Japan, but this is the first time we’re hearing about it.

Accessing the kaomoji keyboard in your iPhone is as simple as adding the regular old emoji keyboard. As seen on Mashable, all you have to do is head over to Settings, tap on General followed by Keyboard, and finally choose the Kana keyboard under Japanese.

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To start using them, you’ll have to click on the globe icon. This will open up the Kana keyboard where you’ll have to tap on the emoticon symbol on the right of the microphone. Hitting the up arrow on the top of the keyboard opens up a huge range of kaomoji for any occasion.

While these Kaomoji are unlikely to displace the normal emoji keyboard, it could be a fun way to switch things up when you get bored of the latter. Everyone’s been using the same set of emoji for years now, so it’s a good way to shake texting up a bit. If nothing else, it’s a cool way to impress other Apple owners who don’t know about its existence.