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iPhone SE finally out in India

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE has officially come out in India a day after the 9.7-inch iPad Pro hit shelves across the nation. The release is part of Apple’s second wave of launches across the globe, with countries like Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Italy and Russia also getting their hands on the handset today.

Interested buyers will have to shell out Rs 39000 for the 16GB iPhone SE or Rs 49000 for the 64GB one. India is an important market for the phone since it’s aimed at budget-conscious consumers who don’t want to spend on a bomb on the iPhone 6S. The new device sports the almost the same innards as the latter but is encased within the 4-inch body of an iPhone 5S.

A recent report by research firm Localytics had alleged that the iPhone SE saw a lackluster opening weekend in the US. It only managed to capture 0.1% of the iPhone market and didn’t inspire long queues outside stores. However, Apple Insider claims the smartphone is seeing long shipping delays and is out of stock in many offline outlets, suggesting the handset’s initial stock has sold out and demand is currently sailing past supply.

iPhone SE Accessories

A quick look at the top specifications of the iPhone SE:

– Display: 4-inch Retina, 640 x 1136 pixels
– OS: iOS 9.3
– Memory: 16/64GB storage options
– Processor: 1.8GHz dual core Apple A9
– GPU: PowerVR GT7600 (hexa core)
– Battery: 1642mAh
– Cameras: 12MP rear, 1.2MP front
– Dimensions: 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm
– Weight: 113gm

Apple hasn’t released any sales numbers for the phone yet, so it’s difficult to determine the device’s success till date. The handset has a number of positive aspects in its favor, with benchmark tests so far indicating that it can go head-to-head with the iPhone 6S when it comes to performance.

iPhone SE Back Panel

This doesn’t quite hold true when it comes to the Apple smartphone’s durability. Warranty firm SquareTrade pitted the two against each other in a series of endurance tests which included things like dunking the phones under water and dropping them at a height. The 6S was the clear winner, achieving a breakability score of 4 as opposed to the SE’s 5.5 rating.

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The iPhone SE will be available via Apple’s offline and online retail partners across India priced at Rs 39000. You can check out our Facebook page for more hands-on photos of the smartphone.