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iPhone SE, iPhone 6S go head-to-head in durability test

iPhone SE Drop Test

The iPhone SE has already proven that it can match up to the iPhone 6S in terms of performance. However, a series of tests by handset warranty firm SquareTrade proves that the new smartphone can’t really match up to its predecessor when it comes to durability.

SquareTrade’s first trial involved plunging the iPhone SE, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus under 5 feet of water. The first died within a minute, the second fought for around 30 minutes and only lost its audio abilities, and the third gave up at the 10 minute mark.

The next test puts the three inside a rotating cube. While the SE and 6S managed to escape relatively intact, the 6S Plus’ display got splintered after the ordeal. A classic drop test came next, with the folks at SquareTrade choosing to drop the devices from 6 feet above.

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As can be expected, the iPhone SE didn’t fare that well. Right off the bat, its screen started breaking and by the time it had been dropped 10 times, its display began separating. While even the 6S and 6S Plus’ panel cracked when the two were thrown on its face, the phones only showed cosmetic damage when dropped on its corners.

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Finally, SquareTrade put the smartphones through a single-point bend test. The iPhone SE gave in at 160lbs of pressure, the 6S at 170lbs and the 6S Plus at 180lbs. The company then declared the last as the most easily breakable of the three with a breakability score of 6.5, indicating a medium risk.

The results of the test aren’t that surprising considering the iPhone SE sports a 2-year old design, even if it does look more like a sturdy brick than the other two.