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iPhone SE 2 to borrow some iPhone X features

iPhone SE 2

News about the iPhone SE 2 keeps coming in as the expected May or June launch date of the phone arrives closer. The latest tidbit is sourced from frequent tipster Benjamin Geskin who took to Twitter to share some info and an image of the handset.

According to Geskin, there’s a new iPhone coming soon, most likely the iPhone SE 2. It’s already gone into mass production and has the codename Jaguar. This is interesting, as a recent report by an analyst claimed that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is internally referred to as Jaguar.

We’re not sure who’s right as of now. The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is probably going to hit the production circuit in August closer to the device’s September launch, so there’s little chance Apple has started manufacturing it so early.

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Geskin goes on to add that the iPhone SE 2 will boast of specs like wireless charging and a glass black. Both are a hallmark of the iPhone X, so it looks like Apple is looking to outfit the budget phone with some premium features.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on whether you’re a notch hater or enthusiast, the overall design of the iPhone SE 2 probably isn’t going to resemble the iPhone X’s bezel-less look at all. Instead, Apple is going to play it safe and stick to exactly the same style as before, with just the glass back as a differentiator along with slightly narrower borders.

The iPhone SE 2 is also said to be borrowing some elements of the iPhone 7 like its A10 Fusion processor. Other expected specs include a 4-inch screen, a 1700mAh battery, Apple Pay support, HEIF and HEVC image and video compression, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB/128GB of ROM.