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iPhone SE 2 may come out in September with Face ID

iPhone SE 2 Screen

The iPhone SE 2 is back in the news, but the handset’s future is still as uncertain as before. There have been a flurry of reports claiming that the device will look like the iPhone X, but little in the way of solid evidence.

The latest tidbit comes from Japanese blog Macotakara. A Chinese accessory maker told the site that Apple hasn’t begun production on the iPhone SE 2. They believe that it’s too late for the smartphone to come out in the second quarter of 2018, so he thinks the company will push it to the third quarter of 2018.

This puts the iPhone SE 2 in September territory instead of June. While it’s certainly possible that Apple will release the affordable phone alongside its flagship ones, it seems very unlikely. For one thing, word on the street is that the brand’s going to launch 3 devices at the event namely the iPhone X (2018), iPhone X Plus, and 6.1-inch LCD iPhone.

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Launching a fourth model sounds nothing like Apple, especially since all the attention will be on the high-end options. There’s a chance the blog’s sources are confusing the iPhone SE 2 with the 6.1-inch iPhone, since both are rumored to be budget options made with an LCD screen.

Plus, the report asserts that there are several prototypes of the iPhone SE 2 around, including ones which measure 6-inch, don’t feature Touch ID, and have a notch at the top for the TrueDepth camera. This sounds a lot like the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. There also appears to be a model which has the same case size as the original.

The entire point of the iPhone SE series is to provide the best of Apple within a compact 4-inch form factor at a low price. It would defeat the purpose of the lineup if it expanded to 6-inch or became too expensive because of Face ID.