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iPhone SE 2 launch delayed, to be Made in India

iPhone SE 2 Leak

The iPhone SE 2 has been delayed according to a new report, crushing hopes that the dimunitive handset would make its debut at an event Apple is hosting on 27 March. The chances of this happening were low in any case, as the brand is focusing on education at the occasion with low-cost MacBooks and iPads.

However, some have held out hope that the iPhone SE 2 would make an appearance at the WWDC 2018 in June. Tekz24 claims this isn’t happening either, leaving the future of the smartphone up in the air.

It seems these delays have come about because of government policies and other restrictions in India. The iPhone SE 2 is rumored to be a completely Made in India iPhone, a first for Apple. The company is still trying to negotiate with the administration in the hopes of getting tax breaks and other concessions.

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The iPhone SE 2 might be priced at some point between Rs 25000 and Rs 30000. This is keeping in line with the original’s Rs 26000 cost for the 32GB variant and Rs 35000 for the 128GB one. The upcoming device will probably stick to identical storage options.

As for specs, Apple may preserve the same 4-inch to 4.2-inch display and up the processor to the iPhone 7’s A10 CPU. 2GB of RAM might be present to support the chipset, along with a 1700mAh battery. The overall design is expected to be just like before, just with a glass back and narrower bezels.